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Alice Made This | Making it Meaningful since 2012 | Designer Jewellery
‘Making’: the act of a person or thing that makes.
‘Meaningful’: full of meaning, significance, purpose, or value.

Making it meaningful is a phrase that we stand by at Alice Made This. We wanted to have a sentence that could articulate, simply, what our intentions are. We use this sentence to reinforce our everyday actions. Any jewellery we make and any relationship we build, is all done with the intention of making it meaningful.

For as long as I can remember I have been curious about things. I have always been interested in the story behind any product. Who made it? Where was it made? Why was it made in a particular material? And how? Before I founded Alice Made This, I travelled globally working in design and development. I got to experience people making products in many different countries and learn about materials and processes with all the cultural nuances of their global locations. I was amazed that a cast iron light (for example) could look the same to the customer on its shelf, but could be made in worldly different ways and in completely different continents. At this time there was never a conversation around the making, and not much required or available information to educate the customer. It was this lack of information that drove me to make locally, and to be transparent with how we make our pieces. To me, seeing first-hand how the makers took ownership and care over making each piece, added a huge appeal and a natural sense of quality and craftsmanship. And so, this became a value that we stand by.

Anyone who wears our Alice Made This jewellery can read about how it was made and who made it. It puts an object into perspective, and shines a light on the humans involved. It shows the effort and skill that is required to create something and becomes more that just what it looks like. And so, 'making-it-meaningful' seemed like the perfect words to sum this up!

Alice Made This | Making it meaningful | Designer Jewellery

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