About the AMT Youth Programme


Applications will reopen in Spring 2025.

Alice Made This | AMT Youth Programme | A Year in Pictures

The AMT Youth programme supports young people aged 16-18 to gain experience, opportunities, and resources in the creative industries.  
The programme aims to illustrate the breadth of opportunity across the creative industries. It aims to give young creatives confidence and understanding, as well as introduce them to a network of (industry)professionals to help drive their talent and passion.
The programme prioritises young people from African and Caribbean descent, living or studying in South East London.

What the Programme includes:

Work Experience 

The AMTYP matches applicants with our partners in the creative industry, to spend time shadowing and experiencing creativity in the workplace. Every successful applicant will receive a minimum of one week’s work experience, tailored to their interests. Work experience takes place during the summer break.

Creative Grants

At the end of the work experience, successful applicants have the opportunity to apply for a grant (these range from £100-£500) in the form of creative training, equipment, or resources. The purpose of the grant it to facilitate the self-driving of a creative interest further. Grants to date have been used for this such as a subscription (to access industry current affairs and online educational resources), a certified Central Saint Martin’s 2-week course in a creative area of their choice, a 12-week life drawing evening class, some CAD training, a DSLR camera, some creative software, or a sewing machine. The choice of use is up to the applicant and the team are on-hand to support them in their grant application.

Creative Events

We have an on-going calendar of events for the AMTYP alumni (past and current creatives). Events include career talks, meet-and-greets, studio tours, workshops and live projects with our partners and their extensive networks. Events are free and unlimited to attend.
The focus of AMTYP is to support young people to:
  • access and gain understanding of the range of creative roles in the industry.
  • gather tangible experience for their CV. 
  • meet some amazing people and start building their own creative networks.  
Applications for 2024 are now closed and will reopen in Spring 2025.

Please email us at inez@alicemadethis.com if you have any questions. 


2023 AMTYP in words

“I’m so grateful for everything so far! It was a lot of experience that really helped my CV and impressed my new boss, so thank you so much!” 
“As someone who wants to pursue film, working with a film production company was amazing. Gave me such insight and inspiration”
"Being behind the scenes made me discover a whole new world that I didn't even know existed! It was wonderful and memorable, I would love to do it again!"
"Learnt so much! It went so well I was sad it came to an end!"
"It was a wonderful experience, as I got to engage with the founder of the company himself, and learnt more about sustainability in fashion."
"My week was amazing. i ended up learning so so much. I had no idea there were so many things you could do with the graphics field."
“I think this grant will push really far into what I want to do in the creative art field. Thanks for the support.”