Our Philosophy. 001 Craftsmanship

At Alice Made This we do everything to celebrate Craftsmanship. It is a core value and something that is a way of life. We have juxtaposed our passion for raw materials, age-old traditions, and honed skills, with the future of engineering and mixing art and science, to meet the needs of tomorrow’s world.

Precision in nature is another key conversation, always. There is so much innovation in our natural world and this is something we continually explore through its past evolution, its present wonder, and its future potential. We pair exploration in geo-technology, biomimicry, or the ability to protect and preserve through natural means, with the experimentation of materials and techniques. We work closely with craftsman and engineers to tell beautiful stories through our jewellery.


Heritage is something that we seek to preserve. Working directly with local craftspeople we celebrate age old techniques of industry and craft. We search for materials and practices that have engineered and crafted our history. We seek to tell stories of expertise, innovation, and historic wonder through our collections. Whether it is an innovative precision engineering technique, an age-old lost wax casting house, the art of the blacksmith, a celebrated ancient patina recipe, or the laborious expertise of stone carving, we actively pursue wonderful techniques, driven by a lifetime of knowledge, and apply this to our jewellery through inspiration, information, and process. 


We look for craftspeople local to us, who work with techniques that are both part of their identity, and our philosophy. We aim to apply unique practices to the world of jewellery to celebrate provenance, quality, character, and purpose. We are always learning from the craftspeople we work with and collaborate to find ways to translate their expertise into our jewellery. This is always with the view to celebrate them, their techniques, and their materials.

Celebrating Provenance: We choose to look locally. We celebrate our community and our geography, which is steeped in heritage and innovation. This has a connection and feels true, honest and responsible.

Quality. We choose to work with artisans, with slow, crafted techniques, with hand work, and the human touch. We celebrate imperfection and use techniques that allow each piece within each collection to be unique. The quality of our design, materials, production, and customer service is something we are very proud of.

Character: With hand work comes character. Each different story we tell brings with it an immense amount of character. This can be from the craftsman, the engineer, the material, and the processes by which the jewellery is made.

Purpose: Our purpose is to make it meaningful. Everything we experience or touch should be meaningful to us in some way. In our fast-paced world we celebrate the slow, the crafted and the meaningful.


Our future is up to each of us, and we look to craft and engineering for inspiration, information, and innovation. Our process is to learn, to gather knowledge, and to question. We look at our craftsmanship with fresh eyes and collaborate to create stories that are future-proof in design language and in responsibility.

We are proud to drive responsibility throughout the business. A twist on an age-old technique can create unique collections with zero waste processes. We use recycled metals and ocean found diamonds. We strip our jewellery of toxins and lacquers allowing some to tarnish. We celebrate this and educate our customers on the care and reason why. Our design approach is Cradle-to-Cradle and we strive for slow design with small batch production. We are dedicated to working closely with each of our craftsmen to create jewellery to treasure and pass through the generations.

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