Mens Necklaces


A precise collection of men’s necklaces forms part of Alice Made This’ full collection of Precision Jewellery.

Our silver dog tag necklaces for men feature an oxidised solid silver chain with aerospace grade steel ID dog tags. The ID tags offer a mix of clean or textured finishes, and can be engraved and personalised using our complimentary engraving service. Our necklaces for men are made in Britain and celebrate minimalist design. Machined in our British Aerospace factory before being hand worked in our London studio, they are lapped and sanded or given a mottled hand-sketched finish. The chains are a 75cm 925 silver chain that have 3 size settings to allow you to fit the chain at the hanging length that is perfect for you. 

The silver dog tag necklaces for men are minimal and personal. They make a beautiful gift and work well worn over a plain tee. A special piece of jewellery for you to wear for years to come.

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