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Start your chain reaction here with our designer men's necklaces. Strong but sensitive, a necklace is effortlessly stylish right now! Explore our selection of men's necklaces including diamond necklaces, men's designer chains, fine silver necklaces and men's dog tag necklaces. Shop our minimalist necklaces now and ooze elegance, simplicity and understatement.

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      "Juxtaposing the decorative and the minimal, each chain celebrates emotion and individualism. Inspired by protection, we create minimal armour for you to wear. This chain collection opposes the idea that anyone should fit in a box or adhere to a stereotype. It observes that simple and complex work in harmony and go hand in hand."

      Alice Made This X Ocean Diamonds. Raw diamond necklaces exploring a beautiful and unique story of resilience, quality, responsibility, and nature. Inspired by the immense voyage of an ocean diamond. Each diamond has travelled over millennia from the earth’s mantle to the open ocean bed where we hand pick them and pair with solid gold, continuing the diamond’s journey from ocean to heirloom.

      The forging collection is formed using a combination of hot and cold forging methods, drawing on traditional blacksmithing techniques dating back to as early as 1500BC.

      complimentary engraving allows you to make any men's necklace truly personal.

      Inspired by 'the beauty of imperfection' our Water Cast collection derives from the age-old process of Lost Wax Casting, created from a zero-waste technique using fine 999 silver.

      "Gorgeous jewellery, speedy delivery in completely recyclable packaging. What’s not to love!"Ab