Shop the new collection of men’s accessories and women’s jewellery from Alice Made This, including luxury cufflinks, statement necklaces and bracelets for both men and women. Made in Britain, we work with industrial processes, expert factories and raw materials such as copper, gold, silver, rose gold, brass and steel, to offer a collection of geometric jewellery with a minimalist design aesthetic. Whether you are dressing up or down, by day or by night, browse our collection of precise accessories and find pieces to suit your style or occasion.

Our latest collection, Coastlines. Volume One, includes men’s cufflinks and bracelets for men which are inspired by the power of Attrition and available in brass, copper and silver.

mens_brass_cufflinks_lapworth mens_brass_cufflinks_lapworth
Lapworth barrelled brass cufflinks £110
mens_silver_cufflinks_lapworth mens_silver_cufflinks_lapworth
Lapworth silver cufflinks £130
mens_brass_cufflinks_kitson mens_brass_cufflinks_kitson
Kitson brass cufflinks £110

mens_copper_bracelet_maxwell mens_copper_bracelet_maxwell
Maxwell bracelet £140
mens_copper_cufflinks_matte_Maxwell mens_copper_cufflinks_matte_Maxwell
Maxwell barrelled copper cufflinks £110
mens_silver_bracelet_lapworth mens_silver_bracelet_lapworth
Lapworth silver bracelet £170

mens_silver_cufflinks_maxwell mens_silver_cufflinks_maxwell
Maxwell silver cufflinks £130
mens_silver_bracelet_bancroft-m6-2 mens_silver_bracelet_bancroft-m6-2
M6 Bancroft matte silver bracelet £270
mens_brass_bracelet_matte_lapworth mens_brass_bracelet_matte_lapworth
Lapworth barrelled brass bracelet £140

mens_copper_cufflinks_elliot mens_copper_cufflinks_elliot
Elliot cufflinks £130
mens_silver_bracelet_anning mens_silver_bracelet_anning
Anning silver bracelet £170
mens_copper_cufflinks_alexander mens_copper_cufflinks_alexander
Alexander copper cufflinks £110

womens_rose-gold_necklace_juno-2 womens_rose-gold_necklace_juno-2
Juno rose gold necklace £140
mens_steel_cufflinks_oliver mens_steel_cufflinks_oliver
Oliver steel cufflinks £110
womens_gold_circle_necklace_mia-2 womens_gold_circle_necklace_mia-2
Mia gold necklace £110

mens_steel_cufflinks_lucas mens_steel_cufflinks_lucas
Lucas steel cufflinks £95
mens_silver_cufflinks_bancroft mens_silver_cufflinks_bancroft
Bancroft polished silver cufflinks £205
mens_silver_tie-bar_bancroft-3 mens_silver_tie-bar_bancroft-3
Bancroft polished silver tie bar £190

womens_gold_necklace_ava-2 womens_gold_necklace_ava-2
Ava gold necklace £110
mens_copper_cufflinks_dawson mens_copper_cufflinks_dawson
Dawson copper cufflinks £110
mens_silver_bracelet_bancroft-p8 mens_silver_bracelet_bancroft-p8
P8 Bancroft polished silver bracelet £310

womens_rose-gold_pendant_nola-2 womens_rose-gold_pendant_nola-2
Nola rose gold necklace £190
mens_copper_lapel-pin_elliot mens_copper_lapel-pin_elliot
Elliot lapel pin £95
womens_silver_pendant_hope-2 womens_silver_pendant_hope-2
Hope silver necklace £110

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