Stories of giving and given

Precision Jewellery. Beautifully simple accessories, jewellery and cufflinks in copper, gold, silver, platinum and more.
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Precision Jewellery
Precision Jewellery

Alice Made This. Precision Jewellery for Men and Women. The detail behind your details, we work with engineers and artisans to layer the precision of engineering with the beauty of hand work, creating unique accessories and jewellery for you to gift, own and enjoy for many years to come.

Every element of our process is considered to create timeless and beautifully simple products, with stories of past present and future.

We love to explore interesting techniques and materials from all sorts of industries. Whether it’s our Aerospace factory that usually makes aeroplane parts, one of our post-production techniques like blasting, or our work with artists and artisan techniques as seen with our patina process, we seek to offer pieces with individuality, allowing our customers to enjoy jewellery and accessories that are personal to them.