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Hand Engraved Jewellery

Hand engraving is a skill that takes time to hone (some say a life-time) and each engraver develops a style that is unique to them, offering a beautiful sensibility that cannot be replicated by a machine. Our hand engraved jewellery is individual and has been layered and cut to create unique textures, giving our customers the opportunity to own beautiful pieces of wearable art.

We have worked with James Neville and the wider Sam James team on a number of projects and are continually amazed by their craft. Based in the heart of Farringdon, London, they engrave for many different clients and industries from bespoke furniture, to art, entertainment and sports. Using their expertise, we look at the history of mark making and Heraldic patterns to celebrate the art of engraving and the stories behind traditional patterns. Read more here

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