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At Alice Made This we focus on geometry, reason, proportions and materials in our jewellery making. In particular we take time and energy to understand how and why things are made. We seek longevity and actively shy away from transient fashion and market driven needs. We think of this as slow design.

Slow design is not a design method, but rather, a philosophy to inspire us and to ensure we stimulate thinking in new ways.

Our process begins through a mix of theoretical reflection and creative experimentation. Our slowly designed jewellery collections for men and women are intended to induce contemplation and ‘reflective consumption’. We are questioning not only ecological values, but also emotional experiences that our jewellery and accessories can offer. We also like to create with wellbeing in mind and hold onto the storytelling that can allow us to slow down and engage.

Slow design actively encourages us to collaborate, relying on sharing, co-operation and transparency of information. The intent is that our minimalist jewellery is a story of working with experts, and contains a world within it, that goes way beyond just the object.

Slow design allows us to think about our design-led jewellery beyond the point at which it is made and sold through our website. The story of a piece of men’s or women’s jewellery continues its journey when it is worn by you. This continuation is something that we find inspirational and is a conscious thought when working on our jewellery collections. We enjoy the way our customers become active participants in this design process, and it makes for a much more satisfying end result.

We appreciate being agents of both preservation and transformation through our jewellery design process, and slow design enables us to celebrate our findings and communicate them through our jewellery collections.

We choose slow design to allow for a more unique, detailed, and honest design process. It feels like the ultimate expression of authenticity. It enables us to connect with our materials and processes, and gives us the time and space to take responsibility for our choices.

“Slow design will provide the means for new philosophical journeys, assurance of appropriateness in design outcomes, and restoration of integrity and meaningful connection to places, spaces and experiences — unconstrained by the mantle that economic imperatives have driven and continue to drive.” Carolyn Strauss, Founder, Slow Research Lab


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