Environmental Policy

At Alice Made This we are passionate about creating products that are socially and environmentally responsible. We take pride in designing, developing, sourcing, producing, and crafting locally and being mindful of how we create, use and dispose of all that we use.

Our core principles are to continually:

  • improve our environmental performance.
  • manage our business operations to prevent pollution.
  • have responsibility as a leading brand value.
  • responsibly source and use sustainable raw materials.


  • We map the traceability of our raw materials. We meet regularly with our suppliers and are committed to building full transparency of our supply chain down to raw material level.
  • We endeavour to source and use sustainable raw materials.
  • Our metals are all recyclable.
  • Our precious metal can all be smelted back down and re-used in their raw form.


  • Most of our products are made in the UK.
  • We design our products to work with and optimise the processes by which they are made.
  • Our production waste is recycled back into the raw materials.
  • Our blasting and patina processes are performed locally in the UK


  • Our outer packaging materials are 100% recyclable, decomposable and acid free. We avoid plastic.
  • All of our boxes have a card core, designed to be protective, responsible, and considered.
  • Our foam inserts are used minimally and are fully recyclable.
  • We re-use any packaging that is used in transporting our products from production to the warehouse.
  • We regularly review how we can further reduce packaging to only what is essential.

 Carbon Footprint

  • Within our working spaces we minimise our energy usage
  • We digitise as much as we can and minimise our use of paper and recycle wherever possible.
  • We reuse existing materials in our Studio, upcycling and making do, rather than buying new items.
  • We shop locally when we need to.
  • We travel only when we need to, and we are mindful to minimise our travel footprint using public transport and electric vehicles.


  • We offer to repair customers jewellery to prolong the wear and usage of the piece.
  • We raise awareness and promote our focus on sustainability and recycling through our marketing channels, social media and on our website.


  • All of the production takes place in well-ventilated and enclosed rooms. Our partners (along with all of our manufacturing processes) adhere to all necessary health and safety legislation.
  • We encourage and expect all of our partners to follow an environmentally led approach to working practices such as recycling, minimising water usage, minimising power usage.




Last revised April 2024