The Timeless Accessory: Men’s Bracelets

Besides the wristwatch, the most timeless accessory a guy can wear is probably the bracelet. There are so many variations of the bracelet that allow men the option of selecting something that really fits their style and character: from metal versions that are more clean and minimal, to cord fabric bracelets that are bold and colourful. Even in more formal settings, you may have noticed that casualisation has made its way through and is here to stay – especially post-pandemic. This has allowed for smarter ensembles to be taken down a couple notches with some fun accessorising.Alice Made This | timeless bracelets | mens designer jewelleryThe bracelet has also become more popular due to more men (finally) expressing themselves more through what they wear. Thinking about the Alice Made This range specifically, matte gold, silver and copper bracelets have the beauty of versatility on their side. The muted nature of the brass — coupled with intelligent design — ensure they work just as well with smart ensembles as they do with casual ones.Alice Made This | silver bracelets for menAlice Made This | mens designer bracelets | bras braceletFor those looking for something with a little more novelty, beautiful iterations in gold will add a sense of occasion to any look. Some things are designed to be cherished, especially when they are hand-crafted from the raw and ethical materials. The hardwearing nature not only makes these pieces timeless in the design sense, but ensures longevity remains a key element. The best items are always worth investing in, after all.Alice Made This | gold designer bracelets for menIf you’re looking for day-to-day accessories, I recommend incorporating different materials to switch up the style. The ID bracelets are engineered simplicity, combining aerospace-grade brass with high-performance cord in classic colours. And, honestly, who wouldn’t want an aerospace-grade brass bracelet? You can take it down a further notch with a cord bracelet with flecks of bold colours to really catch the eye. Whilst the combinations of red and neon yellow may look quite bright, dressing them with darker toned clothes will ensure the bracelet stands out in the best possible way. Alice Made This | gold id braceletIn a world where the codes of dress are being thrown out of the window, there’s no better time to embrace being experimental.Alice Made This | stacking silver braceletsAlice Made This | gold designer bracelet for men Alice Made This | fine silver braceletWhether that’s stacking the Dot silver and black bracelet with the silver P2 Bancroft, or making the silver Change bracelet your hero accessory, at the end of the day, your style is entirely in your control — so make the most of it.

 Alice Made This | mens bracelets | the timeless acessory

Words - Rikesh Chauhan 
Photography - AMT + Jamie Ferguson + Jane Looker