Available in gold, silver, rose gold, rhodium and aerospace copper, brass and steel, our luxury cufflinks are made in Britain by engineering experts and skilled artisans. Celebrating minimalist design, these pared back men's accessories add a beautiful detail to any outfit and give you an awesome story to tell. These innovative cufflink designs and our latest limited editions are great jewellery ideas for gifting a milestone celebration, a corporate event or a special occasion such as a birthday or wedding. Add engraving for your own unique touch using our complimentary engraving service for your very own pair of personalised cufflinks.

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      "Awesome cufflinks. I will use them for my wedding."Gio

      Each pair of patina cufflinks are hand crafted by Derek our patina artist. Each pair is truly unique!

      "Absolutely perfect - just what I imagined! Very good quality. Arrived really quickly too."Laura

      Our hand engraved cufflinks are hand cut to create unique textures, giving you the opportunity to own beautiful pieces of wearable art.

      Our Aerospace cufflinks are precise, accurate to the nano-degree, innovative and beautiful. We use a team of specialists in Hertford, England, to create our precision engineered pieces.