How to wear a bracelet for men

More than any other type of men’s accessory, men’s bracelets can often be misunderstood and seem daunting when it comes to styling. Available in a variety of materials, finishes and weights, they can be both dressed up and dressed down and are as appropriate for a formal event as for a trip to the pub. This versatility is intimidating to some, with many men unsure of how to accessorise them or whether they can pull them off, but it’s the adaptability of men’s bracelets that makes them one of our favourite types of jewellery. To help you feel more confident about wearing your cuff bracelet, and for tips on metal choices and coordination, the team here at Alice Made This has pulled together our guide for how to wear men’s bracelets.  

Co-ordinate your bracelet with your accessories

Whether you are wearing a belt and a pair of jeans or cufflinks and a tuxedo, your bracelet can become part of a complementary accessories set. Choose a metal and a finish that matches your outfit and any other accessories you’re wearing, like your wedding band or a lapel pin, and you’ll look refined and well put together. Remember that sometimes less is more, so choose the number of pieces you’re wearing wisely. We recommend pairing our P6 Bancroft polished silver bracelet with our P6 Bancroft polished silver ring or a pair of Bancroft polished silver cufflinks.

copper bracelet and lapel pin | Alice Made This

copper bracelet and cufflinks | Alice Made This

silver bracelet and ring | Alice Made This

Ideal for formal wear

Silver accessories always look great with a tuxedo or a smart suit, creating a classic and monochrome look. A pair of cufflinks is often the go-to choice when it comes to formal accessories, but for something a bit different why not try a simple men’s bracelet. The B4 Bancroft blasted silver bracelet would be perfect for finishing off a timeless, formal outfit.

brass bracelet for formal wear | Alice Made This

Add a simple detail to a casual look

Sometimes we want an accessory to elevate a casual outfit. Maybe you’re heading out for dinner with your family, or have a day date planned, and are searching for a precise detail to express a bit of your personality. Much like a watch or a well-made belt, a bracelet for men can turn a jeans and jumper combination into something more individual. We recommend our M8 Bancroft matte silver bracelet.

bracelet with a jumper | Alice Made This

casual silver bracelet | Alice Made This

brass bracelet | Alice Made This

Mix your materials

Combining two or three different bracelets can be an effective way to create an instant statement with your accessories. Don’t be afraid to mix your materials and be playful with metal tones. We suggest our Lapworth polished brass bracelet, our Maxwell copper bracelet and our Oscar copper bracelet for a warm palette.

brass bracelet | silver bracelet | Alice Made This

Experiment with textures

In a similar way to mixing materials, you can also experiment with the textures of your bracelets. By juxtaposing finishes and profiles, you can build up different layers and geometric effects. Some of our favourite bracelet textures come from our M6 Bancroft matte silver bracelet, our Harland polished copper bracelet and our Anning barrelled copper bracelet.

solid silver matte bracelet | Alice Made This

polished silver bracelet | Alice Made This

solid silver bracelet for him | Alice Made This

Opt for a precious metal

If you’re looking for a bracelet that offers something a bit special, or maybe you’re searching for a gift that can be cherished for years to come, a precious metal could be the answer. In the same way that we often opt for a precious metal when it comes to wedding rings or women’s jewellery, solid gold is ideal for men’s bracelets. We suggest our M4 Bancroft matte 18ct gold bracelet or our P4 Bancroft polished 9ct gold bracelet for a beautiful gift for him (or yourself!). If yellow gold isn't your style, go for a solid silver bracelet or a precious metal of your choice like white gold or rose gold.

solid silver bracelet | Alice Made This

solid silver bracelet | Alice Made This

Go for a slim and subtle statement

If you’re still a bit weary of men’s bracelets or prefer a subtle statement when it comes to accessories, a slim cuff bracelet looks refined with any outfit. Celebrate minimalist design and the power of simplicity with our M2 Bancroft matte 18ct gold bracelet.

subtle silver bracelet | Alice Made Thisslim silver cuff bracelet | Alice Made This

One for the girls!

As we know, bracelets aren’t just for men. We also offer a wonderful selection of bracelets for her as part of our wider women’s jewellery collection. Available in a host of designs, textures and raw materials, our women’s bracelets look as elegant worn individually as they do stacked together. Some of our favourites include our Lapworth rose gold bracelet, our Anning gold bracelet and our Oscar silver bracelet.

men's bracelets | women's bracelets | Alice Made This

Types of men's bracelets

Men’s bracelets cuff

At Alice Made This, the cuff bracelet is our signature design. Tactile, simple and refined, our cuff bracelets for men are ideal for adding versatility to any outfit. By pinching together or gently pulling apart, cuff bracelets fit perfectly and are available in your choice of material, finish and texture. If you’re looking for a timeless piece that you can dress up or dress down, allowing you to wear it for years to come, we recommend the Alexander brass bracelet or Maxwell copper bracelet. Photo credit: Jamie Fergusson

mens bracelets cuff | Alice Made This

Men’s bracelets gold

Whether you are accessorising a tuxedo, a suit for work or a t-shirt and jeans, you can’t go wrong with a gold bracelet for men. With rich metallic tones, a gold bracelet offers warmth, elegance and class. If gold is your metal of choice, then we recommend our P4 Bancroft bracelet in 18ct or 9ct gold and our M4 Bancroft bracelet in 18ct and 9ct goldPhoto credit: Jane Looker

mens bracelets gold | Alice Made This

Men’s bracelets silver

Perhaps silver is more your style? A silver bracelet for men can create a crisp, fresh and monochrome finish, ideal for that important business meeting as much as heading to the pub with friends. If you’re more of a ‘silver person’ then we recommend our Harland silver bracelet, P4 Bancroft silver bracelet or our B4 Bancroft silver braceletPhoto credit: Oliver Martin

mens bracelets silver | Alice Made This

Mixing metals with men’s bracelets

If you want to go for a contemporary look and have some fun experimenting with your accessories, then why not try mixing the metals of your men’s bracelets? Sometimes rules are made to be bent and, when it comes to contrasting metal tones, we couldn’t agree more. Form a refined focal point by stacking gold bracelets with silver bracelets, or layering copper with steel or brass, being creative by juxtaposing tones and textures. For example, we love our Bancroft B8 silver bracelet paired with our M4 Bancroft bracelet in 9ct gold.  Photo credit: Jane Looker

mixing metals mens bracelets | Alice Made This

Thin men’s bracelets

Sometimes less is more and all an outfit needs is a pared-back, subtle detail. A thin men’s bracelet is ideal for curating a considered and minimalist design aesthetic while injecting some sophistication into a look. If you’re looking to keep things simple then we recommend our P2 Bancroft silver bracelet or M2 Bancroft 18ct gold braceletPhoto credit: Jane Looker

thin mens bracelets | Alice Made This

Wide metal men’s bracelets

Traditionally worn with suits and smarter ensembles, the wide metal men’s bracelet is the perfect accessory for creating a masculine yet polished look. This single, solid and bold statement will see you through from daytime in the office to afterwork drinks. A wide bracelet also offers the ideal platform to experiment with one of our unique finishes, including our matte and blasted finishes, as the extra width allows the textures to make an impact. We recommend the M8 or B8 Bancroft silver bracelets when it comes to letting the piece speak for itself. Photo credit: Jane Looker

mens bracelets metal | Alice Made This

Men’s bracelets for gifting

Searching for a unique gift that your loved one can wear and enjoy for years to come? A bracelet is just the thing! Whatever their taste and style, there is a men’s bracelet to make the ideal gift for him. No matter if you are searching for your dad, brother, partner or friend, our collection of men’s accessories has got you covered. If he’s more of a sporty type, then a copper bracelet works beautifully dressed up or dressed down. Perhaps he works in an office and is more of the corporate type? Check the metal of his favourite watch and choose a bracelet to match. Maybe you are shopping for a summer birthday or are looking for the finishing touch for a special occasion? The warmth of a gold bracelet is ideal for the summer months and a rose gold bracelet offers a precise point of interest when worn at an event or party. 

mens bracelets gifting | Alice Made This

Men’s bracelets for engraving

Want a bracelet that you can personalise for yourself? Maybe you are looking for the perfect gift for that special someone? Men’s bracelets that can be engraved are wonderful for adding that unique, individual touch to your accessories. With flat surfaces for engraving, we recommend our M8 Bancroft silver bracelet, P6 Bancroft silver bracelet and our P8 Bancroft silver bracelet.

mens bracelets for engraving | Alice Made This

Men’s bracelets for weddings

As well as traditional wedding accessories like a pair of cufflinks or a lapel pin, men’s bracelets offer a sophisticated detail whether you are getting married, a groomsman or a well-dressed guest. Whatever the season or theme of the wedding, a pared back cuff bracelet is a great way to express your personality while still looking appropriate for such a special occasion. We recommend our P2 Bancroft bracelet in either 18ct or 9ct gold for the big day.

mens bracelets for weddings | Alice Made This

Unisex bracelets 

In the Alice Made This studio we believe in a simple and timeless aesthetic that isn’t limited by gender. Our pieces look as great on men as they do on women, with many of our designs available in both larger and smaller sizes to suit the wearer. Worn individually or stacked together, our bracelets allow you to experiment with graphic profiles, architectural silhouettes and geometric textures. If you’re looking for a unisex bracelet to complement your personal style, we recommend our Lapworth silver bracelet, Oscar copper bracelet and Anning silver braceletPhoto credit: Jane Looker

Who's wearing Alice Made This bracelets

This summer we’ve been hanging out with Jamie Ferguson (otherwise known as JKF Man) on the menswear fashion circuit to catch up with friends, immerse ourselves in the latest styles and see who’s been wearing what – including our simple and refined men’s bracelets. Meet some of the men we photographed at Pitti Uomo and talk about how to wear our bracelets for men.

Including designs in gold, silver, copper and brass, our full collection of men's bracelets features varying graphic profiles and textures, in our signature finishes - including matte, polished and blasted. Whether you prefer dressing up or dressing down, there is a men's cuff bracelet to suit your style, mood and the occasion.

Michael Otero of Sunspel

Michael Otero | Alice Made This

Michael is part of the Sunspel team, working to create luxury basics for men and women while celebrating simple designs and quality fabrics. Opting for a smart, summer look - comprised of neutral tones, lightweight materials and a timeless blue shirt - Michael wears our polished Bancroft silver bracelet to add a minimalist detail. Silver is the perfect metal for injecting some cool into these warm summer months. Want to style it your way? We recommend our Lapworth silver bracelet or the Bancroft in our Matte and Blasted finishes.

Aleksander Cvetkovic of The Jackal

Aleksander Cvetkovic | Alice Made This

The Jackal values smart thinking as much as smart dressing, so it’s little wonder that Deputy Editor Aleksander’s style is both considered and refined. Pairing earthy shades with a splash of colour, Aleksander chooses accessories that compliment both his outfit and his own colour palette. Here Aleksander wears our Maxwell copper bracelet, a firm favourite in our studio, letting the warmth of the copper complete his contemporary ensemble. Try our Oscar copper bracelet, or one of our Bancroft gold bracelets, to experiment with these rich metals.

Jonathan Edwards of Milan Style

Jonathan Edwards | Alice Made This

Effortless yet sartorial, founder of Jonathan Edwards dresses with confidence and personality. Being a self-made businessman, Jonathan’s accessories are a mark of his self-assurance and his unique perspective. Here, he wears our matte Bancroft bracelet with braces and a hat – creating a dapper vibe that works for the summer. Want to use bracelets to express your personal style? We suggest being bold and mixing both metals and textures with our Anning copper, Oscar silver and Lapworth brass bracelets.

Charlie Thomas of FashionBeans

Charlie Thomas | Alice Made This men's accessories

Senior Editor at FashionBeans, Charlie’s look is considered yet effortless. Combining summery blue tones, mixed material textures and a classic white tee, Charlie completes his ensemble by pairing his watch with our Bancroft solid silver bracelet. As appropriate for exploring a new city by foot as for meeting friends for a sunset dinner and drinks, one of our Bancroft silver men’s rings, a Morris brass key ring or a different bracelet like our Lapworth silver would work equally as well with this style.

Adam Cameron of The Workers Club Ltd

Adam Cameron | Alice Made This men's accessories

Design Director of TWC, Adam’s utilitarian vibe echoes the versatile and engineered outerwear that he’s renowned for creating. Being bold with colour while relying on timeless pieces, Adam’s look is perfect for city dwelling and for standing out in the crowd with summer shades. As well as our Bancroft solid silver bracelet that Adam wears here, we recommend one of our copper men’s bracelets, a Bancroft gold ring or an Alvar copper lapel pin to reflect the rays with rich, warm metals.

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