AMTYP Sponsorship

The AMT Youth programme exists because of donations from sponsors. Funding the programme is the key to its success and growth.
One main area of gratitude lies in our wonderful group of partners. Our partners donate their time, energy, expertise and resources, working with our young creatives every year. Without them the programme would not be a success. 

Alice Made This | AMTYP | Partners

Our current funding supports work experience, grants and a series of annual events. This is the foundation of our programme. 
We are immensely grateful to our current sponsors, who all genuinely care and support in a variety of ways. These include general funding, specific grant funding and access to free resources for our Young Creatives. 
Additional funding will allow us to continue to grow in a variety of ways. 

Alice Made This | AMTYP Sponsors

We continuously look to grow the access we can offer to the programme in head count, geography, and access to resources. If you are able to donate, or know someone who may be interested, please please get in touch! 


For example:

Donate £1500 - This will allow 2 Young Creatives to come through the programme. This will fund their work experience, their grants, and their travel and sustenance to their programme events . 

Donate £5000 - This will support a cohort of 10 young creatives access to a grant. Grants offer creative equipment, resources, and training, up to the value of £500 per young creative. They offer an opportunity for the Young Creatives to drive their creative passion and creativity, in extra curricular time. 

Donate £10000+ - We have many opportunities and plans for both local and open resources that can benefit the young creatives of tomorrow. If you are interested in supporting this in a larger way we would love to chat further. For any consideration of a donation of £10K + we would be delighted to chat further about our ideas and plan. There are opportunities to be a specific sponsor to particular projects and growth plans too.  

We would love to hear from you. Please get in touch here!