Anning barrelled copper bracelet

The Anning barrelled copper bracelet is born from studying coastal erosion and the process of Attrition, which sees waves causing loose pieces of rock to collide with each other, grinding and chipping while progressively becoming smaller, smoother and rounder. Alice Made This has replicated the Attrition process to create this geometric and graphic cuff bracelet, experimenting with bio mimicry through an industrial process called barrelling.

We began by barrelling the bracelet with British Suffolk coastal beach pebbles and saline solution, before bio mimicking the effect of Attrition with the appropriate industrial medium, known as a ceramic angle cut tristar. The barrelled profile of the cuff bracelet is inspired by the barrelling process itself to offer a clean and honest detail.

Combining the power of nature with the precision of industry, the Anning bracelet is available in either a matte mottled copper surface finish or a polished copper finish.

Process: Aerospace

Fact 1. Our factory usually makes aeroplane and engineering parts.

Fact 2. Our turned shapes are informed by the precision turning process.

Fact 3. Our factory uses solid brass, copper or steel giving a clean, machined finished.

Also available in polished copper and silver


D6mm. One Size


UK - Next day delivery on orders placed before 2pm, £5

ROW - 2-3 business days, £10

Learn more about our Aerospace process here.

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