Shop men’s occasion wear and browse Alice Made This’ collection of luxury cufflinks, lapel pins and shirt studs in silver, gold, rose gold, copper, brass, steel, rhodium, ceramic and rope. Our men’s accessories offer a minimalist design aesthetic and are ideal details for a wedding or special occasion. Find refined pieces to suit your style, from formal to smart casual, whether you are wearing black tie or a tuxedo.

mens_copper_cufflinks_alexander mens_copper_cufflinks_alexander
Alexander copper cufflinks £110
mens_steel_cufflinks_oliver mens_steel_cufflinks_oliver
Oliver steel cufflinks £110
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£25 Gift Card by Lâle Güralp £25

mens_steel_cufflinks_lucas mens_steel_cufflinks_lucas
Lucas steel cufflinks £95
mens_copper_cufflinks_dawson mens_copper_cufflinks_dawson
Dawson copper cufflinks £110
mens_copper_bracelet_maxwell mens_copper_bracelet_maxwell
Maxwell bracelet £140

mens_copper_cufflinks_elliot mens_copper_cufflinks_elliot
Elliot cufflinks £130
mens_copper_cufflinks_edward mens_copper_cufflinks_edward
Edward copper cufflinks £110
mens_brass_cufflinks_jasper mens_brass_cufflinks_jasper
Jasper brass cufflinks £95

mens_steel_cufflinks_austin mens_steel_cufflinks_austin
Austin steel cufflinks £85
mens_gold_cufflinks_alvar mens_gold_cufflinks_alvar
Alvar gold cufflinks £140 - Sold Out
mens_gold_cufflinks_james mens_gold_cufflinks_james
James gold cufflinks £140

mens_blue_cufflinks_william mens_blue_cufflinks_william
William blue cufflinks £95
steel_key-ring_morris steel_key-ring_morris
Morris steel key ring £45 - Sold Out
mens_rhodium_cufflinks_thomas mens_rhodium_cufflinks_thomas
Thomas rhodium cufflinks £140

mens_copper_cufflinks_alfred mens_copper_cufflinks_alfred
Alfred cufflinks £130
mens_brass_bracelet_oscar mens_brass_bracelet_oscar
Oscar brass bracelet £125
mens_silver_lapel-pins_giftset mens_silver_lapel-pins_giftset
Benedict and Orde silver lapel pin set £100

mens_steel_cufflinks_edgar mens_steel_cufflinks_edgar
Edgar steel cufflinks £95
mens_silver_cufflinks_bancroft mens_silver_cufflinks_bancroft
Bancroft polished silver cufflinks £205
mens_yellow_lapel-pin_william mens_yellow_lapel-pin_william
William yellow lapel pin £95

mens_copper_lapel-pin_elliot mens_copper_lapel-pin_elliot
Elliot lapel pin £95
mixed_cufflink_set mixed_cufflink_set
Mixed material cufflinks gift set £250
mens_copper_shirt-studs_elliot mens_copper_shirt-studs_elliot
Elliot shirt studs £140

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