An engineered and refined collection of lapel pins forms part of Alice Made This’ curation of men’s accessories and men’s occasion wear. Available in gold, copper, silver, rhodium, rose gold and rope, our designer lapel pins are made in Britain and offer a precise detail for your lapel or button hole, ideally styled for a wedding or special occasion. We recommend pairing with our luxury cufflinks and shirt studs or, to try a more casual look, wear on your over coat, collar or add a unique detail to your knitwear.

mens_rhodium_lapel-pin_thomas mens_rhodium_lapel-pin_thomas
Thomas rhodium lapel pin £110 - Sold Out
mens_copper_lapel-pin_alvar mens_copper_lapel-pin_alvar
Alvar copper lapel pin £95
mens_copper_lapel-pin_elliot mens_copper_lapel-pin_elliot
Elliot lapel pin £95

mens_yellow_lapel-pin_william mens_yellow_lapel-pin_william
William yellow lapel pin £95
mens_rose-gold_lapel-pin_augustine mens_rose-gold_lapel-pin_augustine
Augustine lapel pin £240
mens_rose-gold_lapel-pin_francis mens_rose-gold_lapel-pin_francis
Francis lapel pin £240

mens_gold_lapel-pin_campbell mens_gold_lapel-pin_campbell
Campbell lapel pin £140
Rose gold lapel pin | George Rose gold lapel pin | George
George lapel pin £240
mens_gold_lapel-pin_james-2 mens_gold_lapel-pin_james-2
James lapel pin £140

mens_gold_lapel-pin_orde-2 mens_gold_lapel-pin_orde-2
Orde solid gold lapel pin £560
mens_silver_lapel-pin_marmaduke mens_silver_lapel-pin_marmaduke
Marmaduke lapel pin £210
mens_silver_lapel-pin_theodore mens_silver_lapel-pin_theodore
Theodore lapel pin £210

mens_silver_lapel-pin_yorke mens_silver_lapel-pin_yorke
Yorke lapel pin £120
mens_silver_lapel-pin_benedict-2 mens_silver_lapel-pin_benedict-2
Benedict silver lapel pin £50
mens_gold_silver_lapel-pin_milne mens_gold_silver_lapel-pin_milne
Milne gold & silver lapel pin £120

mens_rhodium_lapel-pin_alvar mens_rhodium_lapel-pin_alvar
Alvar rhodium lapel pin £110
mens_gold_lapel-pin_alvar mens_gold_lapel-pin_alvar
Alvar gold lapel pin £110
mens_rose-gold_lapel-pin_thomas-2 mens_rose-gold_lapel-pin_thomas-2
Thomas rose gold lapel pin £140

mens_blue_lapel-pin_william mens_blue_lapel-pin_william
William blue lapel pin £95
mens_silver_lapel-pin_kendall mens_silver_lapel-pin_kendall
Kendall lapel pin £210 - Sold Out
mens_silver_lapel-pin_aldringham mens_silver_lapel-pin_aldringham
Aldringham lapel pin £140 - Sold Out