Minimalist jewellery. Less is more.

Minimalist accessories and contemporary jewellery don’t have to be plain and boring. The notion of ‘less is more’ means wearing simple and engineered pieces that have been carefully chosen for their material tones, graphic lines and elegant textures. It means being selective and putting thought into your accessories while styling them accordingly, not just stripping back an outfit and hoping that you’ve succeeded at minimalist dressing. It means choosing quality accessories with a story behind them.

The beauty of minimalist jewellery is that it can work with a number of outfits. One piece can create a statement, paired with a tee or sweater to give an insight into your character or with a dress for a more formal look - offering a stylish transition between day and night. The team here at Alice Made This have pulled together these quick tips to help you prove that less really is more, whether you are working with men’s accessories or women’s jewellery.

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Choose your simple statement

Whether you are trying to impress at work or create that perfect outfit for a special occasion, it can be tempting to overload on accessories. But, before you put on the geometric earrings and the statement necklace and the stacked rings and the cuff bracelet, think about the look you are trying to create. Sometimes choosing a couple of refined pieces rather than busy layering can be more effective. For example, a set of cufflinks, shirt studs and lapel pin in one elegant material like gold or rose gold is ideal for a black tie event with a tuxedo. A simple ring stack in silver and gold mix can add a huge amount of impact in one simple step.

Product focus. For him. Keep it refined with the Thomas rose gold cufflinks, lapel pin and shirt studs set.

Product focus. For her. Pair the Tio & Ava reversible earrings with the Hope gold necklace and the Tio gold ring.

Play with textures

Want to create a unique and bold statement while maintaining a minimalist look? Playing with and layering different textures of metal can be a great way to make some quiet noise. With polished, matte, barrelled and blasted finishes, our men’s accessories and women’s jewellery can be paired and stacked to create your own individual look, focusing purely on the textures of our raw materials.

Product focus. For him. Combine the Morris tan and brass belt with the Lapworth barrelled brass cufflinks and Oscar brass bracelet.

Product focus. For her. Be tonal with the Anning rose gold bracelet and the Oscar copper bracelet with the Mia rose gold necklace

Let the materials do the talking

When you are styling accessories and jewellery, be mindful of any clash points. If your clothing has any prints or patterns, wear pieces that will balance the pattern. Pick materials that will complement your clothes and highlight the rich tones of the metal. Whether you prefer silver, gold, rose gold or copper for example, you can let these warm raw materials speak for themselves and elevate your look. Don’t be afraid to mix materials either. If you are wearing very simple clothes then you can afford to experiment with complimentary and contrasting tones while still maintaining a minimalist look.

Product focus. For him. Match the Bancroft silver tie bar with the Maxwell silver cufflinks and P6 Bancroft bracelet, or a stack of Bancroft bracelets in matte, polished and blasted finishes.

Product focus. For her. Try the Tio & Mia reversible earrings, paired with a stack of the Anning gold bracelet, Oscar silver bracelet and Oscar brass bracelet.

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