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Make-it meaningful: 

To ‘Make’ and to be ‘Meaningful’ are two overriding principles here at AMT!

The past few years have been heavy, for everyone, as a global overarch. Paired with this, as a business grows, internally it can become all-encompassing and lose some of its carefree joy to the systems, responsibilities, expectations, and growth.

The purpose of this project is simply to spread a bit of joy. For us at AMT it will ground us monthly, driving our hobby of ‘making’ beyond our jewellery & bringing it in to our monthly calendar. This stimulates creativity, enriches relationships, develops skills, nurtures our soul through play, and inspires us for future collections.

For you, our customers, and friends, it brings a bit of unexpected joy, a human connection and an insight into our thought processes and studio life. 

There is also an abundance of conversations around marketing through the likes of meta and google, where big budgets are now required to make a dent.  With a world saturated with algorithms and playing paid-marketing games, we as a small business do not have these big budgets and therefore the ability to make a dent!

And so, we are choosing to create an alternative, enjoyable, authentic, and fun way to relate and engage with you all. Make-it meaningful will be an on-going series of exploration projects and whatever we create, we intend to gift to you (keep an eye on our Instagram for details on where and when the giveaways will be). If you find joy in what we do then the only ask from our side is that you tell your friends, your family, and your loved ones, about a little independent brand, making it meaningful, called Alice Made This. We are here to bring you responsible craftsmanship, precision jewellery, and to MAKE-IT meaningful.

“Each project will look at a new technique, material or thought process. We will be unapologetically experimental and the flaws in this process will be captured in the works themselves. This is about exploring, trying, failing, discovering, and learning. Enjoy coming on this journey with us whether to get inspiration yourselves, or just to enjoy the ride… Either way, we hope it brings you all some joy!” Alice

Alice Made This | Make-it meaningful | Designer Jewellery

If you experience a moment of joy with us, please share it or let us know!
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