Which fingers to wear your rings on?

October 09, 2017

With the recent launch of our statement rings for women, and our upcoming collection of rings for men (watch this space!), we’ve had a lot of conversations in the studio and with our customers about ‘which fingers to wear your rings on?’ Do you wear other rings on your wedding finger? Do you wear multiple rings on one hand, stacking and even mixing rose gold, gold and silver materials? What are the meanings of rings on different fingers for men and women? After a bit of debate, we’ve pulled together this quick styling guide to help you accessorise your rings, by day and by night.

which finger to wear your rings on? | statement rings | Alice Made This rings

Right or left?

One of the first big questions is whether to wear your rings on your left hand or your right. Leaving cultural symbolism aside, at Alice Made This we think that this is purely down to personal preference. The left hand is often considered your “mental” hand, reserved for thinking and creativity, whereas your right hand is thought of as your “physical” hand, used for more practical skills. If you are doing manual tasks and putting your hands to work, then your less dominant hand might be the one to go for, but we think that a mix across both hands can look both refined and contemporary.

The pinky finger

Your pinky finger may be the smallest of the bunch, but it can often create the biggest statement. Without any religious or cultural significance, the pinky finger is free to be styled with bold and precise details. It’s isolated from your body, removed from any interference with clothes or garments, so why not go bold and wear a geometric ring on your little finger?

Alice Made This product focus. We recommend the Kitson silver ring or the Tio gold ring for women, offering compact vertical details and precise textures that will sit elegantly on your pinky finger.

The fourth (ring) finger

The ring finger is definitely the one that carries the most emotional baggage, with wedding symbolism across most cultures and religions. But, what if you want to wear a ring other than a wedding or engagement ring on your fourth finger? We say go for it! The ring finger is often associated with creativity so why not wear a statement ring that couldn’t possibly be mistaken for a wedding band? Choose a stack of statement rings or a larger design to break those wedding taboos.

Alice Made This product focus. We recommend a stacked mix or the Ava rose gold ring. The horizontal, skinny pleat will add a graphic finish to your ring finger.

The middle finger

This is your largest and boldest finger so style it with balanced and centred accessories. The middle finger often symbolises harmony and responsibility, so a piece of minimalist jewellery or a stack of contemporary statement rings would work well here. Keep rings paired back for daytime wear and the office, before adding extra styles and textures for a strong evening look.

Alice Made This product focus. We recommend the Mia gold or silver ring for an elegant circle statement ring, bringing you a sense of balance and sophistication.

The index (pointer) finger

We use our index finger more than any other. Although our gut instinct may be to keep this finger clear of any jewellery, wearing a statement ring on your pointer finger can actually create a sense of power, individuality and leadership. What better way to add extra emphasis to a gesticulation than with a geometric ring in gold, rose gold or silver?

Alice Made This product focus. We recommend the Anning gold or Kitson rose gold ring to add refined and sophisticated details to your hand gestures.

The thumb

The thumb is a great choice for multiple ring wearers. Already styling your middle or ring finger? Add a bigger statement ring to your thumb for a strong and authoritative look. Give your outfit an alternative and confident feel, by day or by night.

Alice Made This product focus. We recommend a material mix with the Tio gold and silver ring stack to give your outfit a big thumbs up.

Whether you are wearing a single ring for a simple statement, or stacking and layering rings for a bolder look, don’t be afraid to experiment with different fingers, material combinations and numbers of rings. Rules are made to be broken so be confident and wear them your way. Browse our full collection of women’s rings here and use #alicemadethis to show us how you wear yours. You can also sign up to our newsletter here to be the first to hear about our upcoming collection of rings for men.