What jewellery to take on holiday

It’s the night before you’re due to head off on your summer holiday. You’ve got outfit combinations laid out all over the bed, the case has been retrieved from the top of the wardrobe and you’re deciding whether to cull that extra pair of shoes or spare bottle of sun cream to make sure you remain comfortably below the baggage allowance. Such are the perils of being a last minute packer – and that’s without factoring in kids or a having partner to contend with!

Luckily, jewellery is one thing you don’t have to lose any of that precious pre-airport sleep over. By choosing a considered selection of precise and versatile pieces, you can make sure that your accessories work hard for you all throughout your holiday, giving you options for styling by day and by night. From the beach to the bar, you’ll have all the details you need thanks to just a few key, statement pieces.

Meet the AMT Tool Box

What if we said that you could pack 18 necklaces with you in just one box? Meet the AMT Tool Box, our most packable and holiday-ready necklace selection. Offering a refined curation of our favourite gold and silver pendants, paired with gold and silver chains, the AMT Tool Box gives you complete flexibility and license for experimentation. By day or by night, by the pool or by the bar, you can build your own unique and graphic statements, wearing the pendants individually or layered together to create the necklace that suits your current mood, outfit and style.

While designing the collection, it became Alice’s daily ritual to choose which necklace combination to wear and so, now, you can have the same experience on holiday. Wake up, select the pieces that suit the day and you’ll look fantastic from beginning to end.

With 1 box, 7 pendants and 18 necklace combinations, you can put the AMT Tool Box in your case knowing that you’re ready for whatever your break throws at you.

statement necklaces | Alice Made This

statement necklaces | Alice Made This

Add an Oscar brass bracelet

Looking for something to style with your necklaces? The Oscar brass bracelet is the ideal companion for the AMT Tool Box, or any necklace for that matter. Simple and versatile, it looks as beautiful with a bikini as it does with a pair of lightweight trousers and a button down shirt.

Holidays are made for relaxing so you want a piece of jewellery that you can just put on, forget about and know that it will look and feel great all day. No matter if you’re exploring a new city, relaxing on the beach or having a ‘staycation’ a cuff bracelet is the ideal companion. Experimenting with asymmetric profiles and textures, the Oscar brass bracelet offers polished highlights with reflective qualities and geometric detailing, ideal for holiday dressing. Grab your Oscar and go! Those cocktails are waiting.

statement holiday necklaces | Alice Made This

Opt for a single, personalised statement

Nothing beats the simplicity of a holiday sometimes. No work, no schedule - just time for family, chilling out and going wherever the mood takes you. So, why not opt for a single, personalised statement and carry the mantra of family and calm with you this summer? Our ID bracelets and necklaces have all been designed with dedicated space for personalisation so that you can engrave your initials, words or memories on them. Want to carve this holiday out as ‘you time’? Wear a piece engraved with your initials to remind you of this time you’re setting aside for yourself. Dedicating your focus to your family? Wear their names on your jewellery instead to remind you to switch off and enjoy their company. Have a positive word that summarises the vibe of your holiday? Personalise your jewellery with it so that you can catch a glance of it throughout the day.  

Whatever you decide, we’ve got you covered with our in-house engraving service. Just look out for ‘Engrave me’ on our jewellery and decide on the mark you want to make.

engraved bracelet | Alice Made This

Bracelets for your holiday

When you’re on holiday, you’ll probably be cooling off and wearing short sleeves most of the time, so why not make the most of it and complete the look with a cuff bracelet? Offering warm tones and textures, a cuff bracelet brings so much attention to detail in a single piece of jewellery.

Available in a variety of widths, as well as our signature matte, polished and blasted finishes, we love our solid silver Bancroft bracelets for holiday dressing. Tactile and honest, this piece goes with anything and the crisp silver tones reflect the sun’s rays beautifully. It’s a true wardrobe staple.

copper bracelet | Alice Made This

men's bracelets | Alice Made This

Colourful jewellery

If you can’t play with colour when you’re on holiday then when on earth can you? Our Fibre collection was made for the summer, with a selection of bold and vibrant necklaces and bracelets available in pink, blue and black Dyneema cord. Featuring our Alice Made This brass hardware, these rope pieces are the ultimate feel good accessories. Leave your worries on the runway and inject some happiness into your holiday wardrobe.

When  Alice  learnt  about  Dyneema  fibres  she  super excited  to  explore  this  raw  material  and knew it would work beautifully for holiday jewellery. By focusing on the tactile elements of our collection, these necklaces and bracelets offer you the chance to play. Not  only  is  Dyneema cord  technically  best  in  class,  but  the  colour  palette  is  bold,  feminine  and  refined.  It was made for wearing on a warm day with a cold drink, surrounded by laughs and your loved ones.

Colourful jewellery is all about enjoying the act of self-expression and so makes the perfect choice for your holiday. What pop of colour will you pick?

blue rope bracelet | Alice Made This

colourful rope bracelets | Alice Made This

Marine vibes

Rope jewellery is a great way to pay homage to your nautical surroundings when you’re considering what accessories to wear on holiday. Our Charlie and Bradshaw rope bracelets are made from Dyneema cord, the world’s strongest and lightest fibre, manufactured in Malvern with our British marine rope makers.

The Charlie ID bracelet for men is available in Neon and Silver, Red and Silver or White and Silver. This piece is made from 2.4mm flecked Dyneema cord and features a 30mm aerospace grade satinless steel bar that is made with a precision milled and hand finished flat face. The bar also offers the perfect space for you to engrave a personal detail or message, adding that extra special touch to your holiday wardrobe. 

Slightly thicker than the Charlie, the Bradshaw ID bracelet is made from 4mm Dyneema cord and is available in Black and Silver, Blue and Silver, Red and Silver or White and Silver. This bracelet features an aerospace grade stainless steel disc, which is perfect to personalise with a message or detail. This disc can be adjusted to tighten or loosen the bracelet to fit you perfectly.  

Choose the colour that most suits your palette and you can channel the marine vibes for the duration of your trip.

engraved rope bracelets for men | Alice Made This

engraved rope bracelets for men | Alice Made This

Go for gold

A great tip for packing wisely when it comes to jewellery is to choose a single metal and stick to it. Select pieces that work on their own, but also look great when worn together. Matching metals with your holiday jewellery is a sure fire way to be sure that everything you have packed will coordinate seamlessly.

Gold is the perfect metal for getting into the holiday spirit. Warm and rich, it was made for being worn in the heat of the summer sun. We love our Anning bracelet and earrings for her, paired with our statement Delilah ring. Not only can each of these pieces of jewellery hold their own, but when worn together they create a show stopper of a combination.

gold holiday jewellery | Alice Made This

Fit for the Riviera

Cufflinks don’t always spring to mind when you think of holiday dressing, but if you’re heading somewhere where you need to dress up a little bit more formally, then you want to be Riviera ready. We recommend choosing a simple yet striking pair of cufflinks, with a texture that commands interest. Our Kiston brass cufflinks for example are not only strong in terms of their silhouettes, but their barrelled surface is sure to grab attention and have you feeling your best.

minimal cufflinks | brass cufflinks | Alice Made This

Reversible cufflinks

Why pack two pairs of cufflinks when you could pack a reversible pair? Our Austin cufflinks are not only slightly smaller than our other cufflink designs, offering more of a lightweight holiday feel, but they also feature two different graphic profile ends. Depending on what design takes your fancy, you can coordinate accordingly.

reversible cufflinks | rose gold cufflinks | Alice Made This

Silver circular jewellery

Choosing timeless pieces, that can be worn both casually and dressed up, is a must when it comes to holiday jewellery. Opt for a theme that is simple, geometric and refined and you’ll make things easier for yourself when you arrive at your destination. We love the theme of silver circles for summer dressing. Feminine, contemporary and precise, silver circular jewellery creates a beautifully minimalist aesthetic that works for any style or location. Why not try our Mia silver earrings and ring, teamed with the Dot silver necklace? You can wear the necklace out and about during the day before adding the earrings and ring in time for dinner. Easy and elegant.

circular silver jewellery | Alice Made This

Same, but different

If you don’t want to stick so rigidly to a theme, you can create more of a feeling with your jewellery. Keep to a single metal, but experiment with textures and shapes to be a bit looser with your jewellery. For example, we have paired our Dot silver necklace with our Ava silver earrings, juxtaposing the rough with the smooth, the circular with the graphic line. Worn alone or together, you’re sure to make a statement.

silver cufflinks | Alice Made This

silver holiday jewellery | Alice Made This

Do’s and Don’ts of holiday jewellery

  • Do make sure you have the right holiday insurance. If your bag goes missing at the airport or something gets stolen, you want to make sure that your jewellery and the rest of your belongings are covered.
  • Do leave any jewellery in the safe when you go out. Along with your passports, extra travel money and valuables, keep your jewellery safely out of sight if you’re not wearing it.
  • Do try to pack your jewellery in your hand luggage. This way you’ll know that it’s with you and can even freshen up your outfit before you walk off the plane.
  • Don’t forget to pack your jewellery securely and carefully to avoid it getting damaged. Soft bags like the ones our jewellery comes in are perfect for making sure that your jewellery doesn’t get scuffed or scratched during your travels.
  • Don’t wear your jewellery in the water. If you’re planning to spend a lot of time in the pool or the sea then we recommend taking off your jewellery first to avoid any weakening or discolouration.
  • Do watch out for sand. We all love building a good sandcastle, but just be wary of any sand that could scratch your jewellery.
  • Don’t forget to clean your jewellery. Multiple sun cream applications a day could leave your jewellery looking dull and tired. No need to panic! A quick polish and it’ll be back to its bright self again.
  • Do make a statement. The rule of less is more still applies when you’re on holiday, so choose a number of key, statement pieces to see you through your trip.
  • Don’t stray too far away from your personal style. Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean that you need to try and reinvent yourself. Wear things that feel comfortable and that fit with your look.

Need more inspiration for styling your holiday jewellery? You can view our full collections of women's jewellery here and men's accessories here. You can also follow us on Instagram @alicemadethis to see how we’re wearing ours.

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