What jewellery should you wear to a festival?

It’s that time of year again! The shops are packed with camping accessories and the conversation has turned to whether or not the rain is going to hold off. Yes, festival season is well and truly upon us. But, what are you going to wear now that summer is here? What is your signature festival look? Have you factored in your jewellery?

Whether you are heading to Glastonbury or jetting off on your holidays, the accessories you choose can make all the difference to your summer wardrobe. From the beach to the field, there are pieces to suit any look or occasion. For men and women, colourful details and well chosen jewellery are key if you want to stand out from the crowd. Forget about autumnal tones and winter layering, summer is all about being bold, bright and vibrant with your choices.

festival jewellery with a mac | Alice Made This

Why should I wear colourful jewellery?

In the Alice Made This studio we are firm believers in letting the raw materials of our jewellery speak for themselves. We love warm copper and rose gold tones, crisp silver and the polished surface of brass and gold, but sometimes an injection of colour is just what the doctor ordered. It can feel great to take a step outside of your comfort zone and try out details that you wouldn’t normally wear to the office or when meeting friends. Not all of us have jobs where bright colours are always appropriate, so why not take this chance to explore.

Sometimes, nothing beats having a bit of fun and expressing the more light-hearted side of your personality with a vibrant pop of colour. A splash of pink or a bit of blue can instantly lift your mood, boost your confidence and get you in the festival spirit, even if the weekend does turn out to be a wash out! Colours like blue have been proven to make us feel more optimistic and calm. Our accessories are a great place to celebrate the power of colour.

Why not pick a statement necklace or a rope bracelet in your favourite colour or a shade that you associate with positivity? Choose a tone that you know will put a smile on your face and leave you feeling good, inside and out. You’ll be dancing from noon till night in no time!

Plus, as you probably won’t want to take your favourite or finest clothes to a festival (think mud and rain and spilt beer), jewellery is a great way to elevate some of your simpler (or dare we say older) garments. Colourful jewellery can renew even the most tired t-shirt, leaving you ready to make new friends and have fun with old ones.

What occasions are best for colourful jewellery?

Festivals and holidays were made for colourful jewellery. When the sun is shining and you are trying to pack light (whether in your camping rucksack or your cabin baggage), statement jewellery is the perfect solution for mixing up your outfits and turning wardrobe staples into talking points. Opting for a simple white t-shirts and denim shorts, or throwing on your favourite summer dress? By adding a colourful bracelet or a statement necklace, you’ll instantly elevate your look ready for the party to start.

Why not choose a colourful bracelet for daytime wear before adding a colourful necklace in time for dinner and the evening’s events? Packing jewellery that can easily transition from day through to night is an absolute must for festivals and holidays. You want reliable pieces that are secure and comfortable (so you don’t have to worry about losing or misplacing them) and that you know look good every time you wear them (you never know when you’re going to be without a mirror after all!). Just grab them from your bag and off you go!

Colourful necklaces and bracelets

Our Fibre (rope) collection was designed to be versatile, allowing you to wear your pieces your way. Tactile and versatile, every single statement necklace or rope bracelet in our Fibre collection can be adjusted and accessorised to suit your mood and your outfit. Made from colourful Dyneema cord, the world’s lightest and strongest fibre, and paired with signature Alice Made This hardware, our Fibre necklaces and bracelets are perfect for a festival or a holiday. Remember you can mix and match our pieces! You only need to take one or two pieces of jewellery because you can wear them a different way each day!

But, let’s not forget about our base metals! All of our Fibre jewellery features signature Alice Made This hardware. Combining bright rope with brass tones and geometric silhouettes, our jewellery juxtaposes the precise with the fun loving, the engineered with the smooth. This means that these pieces look as great with a floaty dress as they do with a pair of chunky boots (which we strongly recommend for a weekend in the field by the way!).

Here are a few of our favourite Fibre looks, perfect for festival dressing.

Wearing jewellery with a mac

Come rain or shine, pair your wares with your mac! A British festival wouldn’t be complete without a bit of rain and a bit of sunshine, so make sure you shine in your mac! You don’t want to be that person soaked through the core, queuing for an unflattering poncho and ringing out their clothes before crawling into their sleeping bag. You mac truly should be your best friend at a British festival.

We love this look with our Emerson black necklace paired beautifully with a Moncler olive mac. You can wear all three pieces of brass hardware towards the bottom of the necklace for more of a pendant feel, or you can simply move them up and down the cord to create your own choker styles. One statement necklace, countless customisations!

black statement necklace with a mac | Alice Made This

Necklaces and knitwear

Don’t be fooled! Camping is always chillier than you think. Even in the height of July, packing knitwear for a festival is a wise decision. To combat the chills of a British summer eve, whether out in the open at a festival, camping with family or at a BBQ with friends, channel your summer vibes with a bright knit and a statement necklace to match. You’ll be grateful for layers in the field. Pack a good supply of shirts or lightweight knits and think about light layers that can be tied around the waist when the sun finally does show up.

It’s all about a sense of fun! Seen here, the bright blue of our Emerson blue and gold necklace and the Emerson blue and gold bracelet really stand out against the pink of the jumper. Prefer pink? Our Arden pink and gold necklace and our Emerson pink and gold bracelet were made for festival living! Coordinate with a purple knit as below and forget about the weather. Not only are these looks practical, but they are simple, fun and easy going. Just how festival dressing should be!

blue statement necklace | Alice Made This

pink statement necklace | Alice Made This

Contrasting your jewellery with your outfit

More of a glamper? There is no shame in swapping the pop up tent for a yurt and having an extra bit of comfort while getting ready at a festival! No one can blame you for wanting a little more luxury in life! Silks and draping fabrics are perfect for adding a glamorous touch to al fresco events. They are casual, floaty and easy to wear, but a little more ‘grown up’ than a simple mac and jumper. Not to mention that the humidity of your tent will get out any creases!

We suggest choosing a natural shade that works beautifully with a punch of colour. Here we have opted for a simple cream top and our Farrin blue and gold necklace. Again, you can adjust the hardware to style your statement look, moving from a choker to a pendant with one simple movement. Who said that looking good had to be difficult?

rope statement necklace | Alice Made This

Tonal jewellery

Not everything has to clash to make a statement. Sometimes you can be just as bold by choosing tonal jewellery as you can be by choosing contrasting shades. Take these looks for example! Our Emerson pink and gold necklace looks gorgeous with a simple pink t-shirt and our Arden blue and gold necklace couldn’t look cooler than teamed with this blue top. Coordinate yourself to achieve festival chic and inject some complimentary tones into your festival wardrobe.

pink statement rope necklace | Alice Made This

blue statement rope necklace | Alice Made This

Stylish festival dressing

Just because you are going to a festival or going on holiday doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your personal style and try and fit in with fads and trends. Floral prints not your bag? No problem! Wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of frayed denim shorts? No worries! The key to stylish festival dressing is to be true to yourself and find a way of translating your personal style to the occasion. For instance, for the avid lovers of monochrome, you can wear white and black right the way through summer, but by adding a little hint of colour you can also get into the festival spirit. We love the below look of our Farrin blue and gold necklace combined with this black and white t-shirt, trousers and trainers. A timeless festival look that will never go out of style! 

blue statement necklace for a festival | Alice Made This

One for the boys!

Who said that girls get to have all of the fun? Festival dressing is a great opportunity for all you men out there to experiment with a bit of colour too! Our ID bracelets for men are perfect for the occasion.

Our ID bracelets are made using a precision machining process, utilising milling and turning techniques that are used to manufacture parts for the aerospace industry.  This high performance collection is made using machine aerospace grade stainless steel, plus Dyneema core marine plait cord, more frequently used in the mining, maritime, sports and aviation industries. Not only are these bracelets precision made, but they are colourful too!

The Charlie ID bracelet for men is available in Neon and Silver, Red and Silver or White and Silver. This piece is made from 2.4mm flecked Dyneema cord and features a 30mm aerospace grade stainless steel bar that is made with a precision milled and hand finished flat face. 

The bar offers the perfect space for you to engrave a personal detail or message, making it a casual and minimal accessory that is ideal for holiday wear or for a festival. Plus, thanks to the flat disc toggle, this ‘one size’ bracelet can be tightened or loosened to fit you comfortably.

The Bradshaw on the other hand is slightly thicker than the Charlie and is made from 4mm Dyneema cord rather than 2.4. It is available in Black and Silver, Blue and Silver, Red and Silver or White and Silver. Its Dyneema core marine plait cord is manufactured in Malvern with our British marine rope makers. This bracelet features an aerospace grade stainless steel disc, which is perfect to personalise with a message or detail. This disc can be adjusted to tighten or loosen the bracelet to fit you perfectly. 

Our ID bracelet not only fit comfortably, but they look great too. Pair with a simple t-shirt, a jumper or layer with a shirt and you’ll be set from a survivor’s breakfast in the morning right through to the headline set. A colourful rope bracelet is the ideal accessory to sit alongside your festival wristband.

Personalised jewellery for festivals

To add even more fun to your look, why not personalise your jewellery? Our ID bracelets for men have been designed with dedicated space for you to engrave your initials, messages and favourite lyrics – offering you a platform to get personal and to be creative. Thanks to our complimentary personalisation service and our in-house diamond engraving capabilities, you can personalise your bracelet by engraving the disc or bar detail to create a colourful, casual and timeless accessory, just in time for your next festival or an adventure abroad.

Want some more inspiration for wearing colourful jewellery this summer? Follow us on Instagram @alicemadethis to see how we are wearing ours. You can also browse our full men’s jewellery collection here and our women’s jewellery collection here.