How to wear accessories to a wedding

Choosing the right accessories as a wedding guest can be a fine balancing act. On the one hand, you definitely don’t want to stand out more than the wedding party and, on the other, you want to look fab and showcase your personality. Whether you’re putting the finishing touches to your outfit for the first wedding of the season, or have been at two or three already and are struggling for ways to mix things up, we have a selection of simple and engineered men’s accessories and women’s jewellery to complete every look – whatever the style of wedding you are attending. Here is some inspiration from the team here in the studio that offer timeless talking pieces or statement shout outs to lend a helping hand.

Silver and steel accessories

Stay fresh, contemporary and minimal with some of our silver and steel pieces. Remember, you can always re-wear a dress or a suit to multiple nuptials as long as you switch up your choice of classic cufflinks or your statement necklace. By allowing your accessories to shine through, you can add refinement to your outfit and translate your taste through even the smallest of details. It’s always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed so don’t be afraid to experiment with decadence and maybe try a lapel pin or a pair of reversible earrings. After all, being a wedding guest is a chance to celebrate and have some fun with your fashion choices.

accessories to wear to a wedding | Alice Made This

Gold and brass accessories

Go classic, bold and refined with the warmth of our brass and gold accessories – perfect for catching the light of the summer sun. Made in Britain and rich with stories of authenticity, provenance and design, our men’s accessories and women’s jewellery are a great way to strike up conversation with your unknown neighbour at the wedding breakfast. Consider them wearable cue cards!

Try to embody the notion of ‘matchless chic’ by keeping the matchy-matchy rule front of mind. In the same way that you would never coordinate your bags, shoes and belt, think about your choice of accessories and stick to a single material while perhaps mixing the style.

wedding guest accessories | Alice Made This

Rose gold and copper accessories

Keep things precise, honest and engineered with a combination of our rose gold and copper jewellery – adding gorgeous, rustic tones to your formal wear. Don’t be afraid to stick to your own style and remain true to your personal taste – there’s no need to succumb to the peculiar wedding panic that urges you to suddenly adorn yourself in overblown florals and cupcake colours. If you normally wear back, then go ahead, just be sure that your accessories are striking and eye catching. And, if you do decide to wear florals, why not toughen them up with strong metallic jewellery or a fierce pair of shoes?

wedding accessories | Alice Made This

Whether you are a guest at a country wedding or a city wedding, in spring or in winter, be inspired by the location and the season to choose your tones and find the accessories to complement your palette. From cool, wintry silver to bright, beaming gold, with a little thought and research, you’ll be looking and feeling great in no time.

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Images courtesy of Together Journal