The Meaning of our Metals: Psychology & positive attributes.

Our metals and their colours embody many meanings. From the psychology of colour to the physical characteristics of their material compositions, we look at the positive messages found in our metals and the jewellery they make.


brass jewellery

Our brass jewellery is of aerospace grade and quality. It is precise, accurate and refined. Beyond this, brass offers a sense of youthfulness, positivity and clarity. With its warm yellow tones, it expresses strength, friendship and creativity.

The colour yellow has a relatively long visual wavelength and is the brightest colour of the visible spectrum. This essentially means that yellow is the most noticeable of all colours by the human eye and is the strongest colour, psychologically. It lifts our spirits and our self-esteem and, as the ancient scriptures also say, it is the colour of confidence and optimism.

We all see it as the colour of the sun shining or bright lights It is believed to have an influence on the left side of our brain, where deep thinking and perception dwells. So, if you need to focus and solution-search, this is a good colour. Worn on a person, it also represents high energy, enthusiasm, hope, fun, and cheerfulness, so let your brass jewellery brighten your day.

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copper jewellery

Copper is one of our favourite materials in our jewellery collection, for reasons including the fact it is responsible, warm, natural and essential to our health in its mineral form. It has a rich, pink tone and pink is a colour that affects us physically. Pink is from the red family, but it soothes, rather than stimulates. It is a powerful colour psychologically and symbolises physical tranquillity, nurture, warmth, love and survival.

Pink is a colour that has a calming effect on people. It is not aggressive like red, but rather suggests safety and vulnerability. It represents hope, nurture and kindness. When wearing pink, it suggests a desire for the natural and a focus on the basics such as family, friends and the necessities in life. Added to this, it is a social and outgoing colour with underlying tenderness. It indicates a friendly, approachable and intuitive character. Enjoy the benefits of your copper jewellery from both a mineral and a psychological perspective.

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aerospace steel jewellery

Our aerospace grade stainless steel is precise, antimicrobial and strong. Paired with this, its rich grey tone is considered solid and steady. This grey tone offers an increased sense of sophistication and calm.

From a psychological perspective, it is a colour of protection, balance and control. When wearing this type of jewellery you can portray neutrality, wisdom, futurism, and intelligence.

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silver jewellery

Silver, of all the metals, is believed to be a mirror to the soul. This is a beautiful reason to explore silver jewellery. Silver is related to the moon and the ebb and flow of the tides. It is fluid, emotional, sensitive and mysterious. It is soothing, calming and purifying. From a colour psychology viewpoint, it signals a time of reflection and a change of direction as it illuminates the way forward. It signifies energy, prosperity and modernity.

Wearing our silver jewellery can suggest a courteous, dignified, responsible, patient, determined and organised character. With a balance between black and white, silver is seen as a good critic, unbiased and compassionate with a mature sense of justice. It is also bright enough to suggest an optimistic and light-hearted nature.

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And finally we have


gold jewellery

Our gold jewellery has a beautiful richness. As a metal, gold is considered one of the most precious metals in the world. Together with this, the brain interprets gold as opulence, material riches and indulgence. Additionally, we have all been educated to consider gold as the sign of success, known for achievement, accomplishment and triumph. Whether a gold star at school or an Olympic medal for first place, gold suggests that it is the no.1!

When worn, gold jewellery is so much more than opulence and indulgence. Psychologically, gold is considered liberal and giving, humane, adoring and thoughtful. As a hopeful and positive colour, the metal gold adds extravagance and warmth to everything and is considered to light up and upgrade the things around it.

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