British Coastlines inspire our collection of men's accessories.

During our design process for Coastlines. Volume Two. – our new collection of solid silver and gold cufflinks, men’s bracelets, men’s rings and tie bars – we followed multiple paths of inspiration, looking to both the natural and man-made worlds for stimulus. Over the last couple of weeks we have discussed the technical details behind our new men’s accessories, looking at the industrial processes behind them and how they create the polished, barrelled and blasted finishes, but today we want to give you an insight into our creative thinking and the influences that helped us produce the engineered and simple pieces that you can browse here on our site.

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British Coastlines

Our new collection is called Coastlines. Volume Two. for a reason. While we were researching and designing these men’s accessories, the Alice Made This team spent time studying British coastlines, in areas of natural beauty including Suffolk and Dungeness, and learning about how the raw power of water has the ability to change the shape and wear down the rocks of the landscapes. We looked at geotechnical engineering, hydraulic action and coastline geology, researching industrial techniques that could mimic nature’s effect on raw materials. The result is a minimalist collection of polished, barrelled and blasted finishes, with the shapes and textures of the men’s bracelets, men’s rings, tie bars and cufflinks mirroring the earth’s surface as it slowly changes under the force of Corrasion and Abrasion. Our accessories juxtapose the industrial with the natural, the rough with the smooth.

Minimalist design

A simple and minimalist aesthetic is at the core of our full collection of men’s accessories and women’s jewellery and was equally important when thinking about this collection. When Alice Made This was first founded, we wanted to approach cufflinks in a refined and contemporary way, pairing them back to create precise men’s jewellery that can be worn casually as much as with formal wear. This means that whenever we move into a new product typology, in this case rings for men, we approach the design stages with the same ethos. We wanted to create a collection of rings for men that are both simple and beautiful. Available in a variety of different widths and weights, our rings can be worn as unique wedding bands or used to punctuate any outfit, whether worn individually or stacked together.  Whether you are styling our rings up or down, or sending a gift to a loved one, you can be sure that you have chosen a considered detail with a story behind it.

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men's rings | men's silver rings

Raw materials

By studying hydraulic action and British Coastlines, we were not only looking at the way that water moves and behaves, but the way that the raw materials and their textures are changed under its force. Working with solid silver, 9ct gold and 18ct gold, we were able to experiment with different industrial techniques to see how they would impact our precious metals, taking inspiration from their material properties. Whether you prefer our polished, matte (barrelled) or textured (blasted) finishes, each piece has been finished by hand to give our metals the attention and level of detail that they deserve. Our solid silver cufflinks, tie bars, men’s rings and men’s bracelets are available for delivery today and our 9ct gold and 18ct gold rings and bracelets are all made to order, ensuring that we can fit them perfectly by making them unique to you.

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