How to wear blue jewellery

With January drawing to a close we are totally BLUE! Whether it’s our accessories that are blue or the blues tones we are pairing with them, our blues are all positive!

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With colour and positivity on our minds, we have been channelling a few techniques to keep us in the 'half glass full' camp. Whether it is being kind, having a laugh or embracing your curiosity, enjoy some of our tips below and have fun experimenting with our bold and bright accessories and jewellery

7 techniques for positive vibes!

Laughing is good for the soul. Laugh with people not at people.

Breathing deeply lets your body know to calm down. Calm people are said to have better attitudes.

Tone Up
Use a positive tone of voice. Say 'yes and’ rather than 'no, but’. When asked ‘how are you?’ say 'I’m good thanks’ instead of ‘not too bad’. A small change that makes an enormous difference. 

Be Kind
When it comes to feeling happy, doing something kind for people has the same effect as trying new and exciting things. The memory of doing something kind for someone makes us to want to continue to do kind things.

Be Curious
Curiosity, exploration and learning all feed positivity.

Be Bold
Wear something that makes you feel great and accessorise your outfit with pieces that make you smile.

Feed your Mind
Your mind is what you feed it. Listen to things that makes you smile and read encouraging books that are positive or help improve skills.

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