Planning a Wedding with Alice Made This

Did you know that Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day are the top four dates for people to get engaged? It’s no surprise really! Our founders, Alice and Ed, got engaged on Christmas day themselves so this time of year is always a happy one in the AMT studio. These days tend to be surrounded by family, friends and, with time off work to relax and enjoy the moment, are really suited to proposals. Congratulations to all out there who have recently got engaged! Now the planning for the big day really starts…

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our P2 18K gold ring

Our top five tips to get your wedding planning started

Choose a season. Do you want a spring wedding or a winter bash? Think about the popularity of different months, dates that mean something to you and your partner and get a something penciled in the diary!

Get yourself on Pinterest. Start mood boards and collecting your ideas. It’s the best way to communicate your thoughts with each other and begin painting a gorgeous picture of what you want. You can find us on there too at!

Order your wedding rings. This is a really exciting opportunity to get something solid organised that you can actually hold in your hands. At Alice Made This we have just launched a refined collection of wedding bands that might be able to help! Read below for more details.

Stand out from your crowd. The bride’s dress may traditionally be the highlight, but remember to treat the groom’s attire in a similar manner. A well-fitting suit and the right choice of accessories will really make you stand out amongst your family and friends.

Get lost in the details. Enjoy all the little things that can really make your wedding day feel like your own. From colours and flowers, to design details, accessories and jewellery, the small touches really can make all the difference 


At Alice Made This we are excited to offer a simple and engineered collection of silver, 9ct and 18ct gold made to order wedding bands to precisely fit your sizing requirements. Hand made by our Silversmith in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, these pieces are unique details that you can wear and cherish forever. We’d love to discuss our contemporary wedding rings with you and be a part of your special day.

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our Alice Made This ring collection

The history of wedding rings

The earliest examples of wedding rings are thought to date back to Ancient Egypt. Wedding bands were forged from metal with the circular shapes symbolising eternity and lasting love. Interestingly, this is also said to be the start of the tradition of wearing wedding bands on the left-hand ring finger as ancient Egyptians thought that this finger carried a vein that was directly connected to the heart. Ancient Romans and Greeks also wore wedding bands as a promise of fidelity. Initially, only women wore wedding rings, but men’s wedding rings have now become a lot more common.

Men’s wedding rings

There has always been a lot of debate about whether men should wear wedding bands, or even whether men should wear jewellery at all, but since the 20th century, this tradition has been a lot more widely accepted. With the rise of gender equality, and the acceptance of same sex marriage, wedding rings for him are now very popular. Wedding rings are no longer a symbol of ownership or possession, but of mutual love and celebration. 

Women’s wedding rings

Looking for a wedding ring for her? We can size our rings for the bride as well. The P2 and P4 in particular are clean, simple and perfect for the lover of minimal design. Just decide whether you’d like 9ct gold, 18ct gold, 18ct rose gold, white gold, platinum or palladium and we can do the rest!

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our P2 and P4 rings

Silver wedding rings

Silver wedding bands can offer a contemporary option for a couple looking for something a bit different. With minimalist designs and timeless finishes, our silver wedding rings are both simple and engineered.

wedding ring inspiration | contemporary wedding rings | designer wedding rings | planning a wedding

Our B6 and P4 silver rings

Gold wedding bands

Looking for a wedding ring in a classic, precious metal? Our collection of bespoke, made to order gold wedding rings are available in solid 9ct and 18ct gold. Beautiful pieces to meet your exact sizing requirements.

wedding ring inspiration | contemporary wedding rings | designer wedding rings | classic wedding rings

Our P4 & P2 18K gold rings

Rose gold, White gold, Platinum, palladium wedding bands

We can also offer our wedding rings for him and for her in 18ct rose gold, white gold, platinum and palladium. Just get in touch with our team via email and we can organise your perfect wedding band.

wedding ring inspiration |  designer wedding rings | made to order wedding rings Our made to order rings



wedding cufflinks | wedding accessories for him | unique wedding accessories | minimal cufflinks for weddingsOur Lucas steel cufflinks, Austin brass cufflinks, Erno blasted silver cufflinks, Alexander copper cufflinks.

Wedding rings aren’t the only men’s accessories that might play a part in your wedding. Groom cufflinks and usher cufflinks not only look perfect with a suit, but they make for meaningful gifts that can be kept and worn again and again. From copper, steel and brass, to gold, silver and rose gold, our full collection of cufflinks has something to suit every style and personality. We can also offer bespoke wedding bundles and savings on multiple pairs – simply email our team to discuss your needs and we’ll be happy to help.

Get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss your requirements and any specific ideas (eg. rose gold or platinum wedding bands). 

Lapel Pins

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Our William yellow lapel pin, Augustine rose gold lapel pin, Alvar rhodium lapel pin, James gold lapel pin

Fancy something different from a buttonhole flower? Our collection of lapel pins are ideal for adorning the lapel of a blazer, decorating your button hole, wearing as a tie pin or for groomsmen gifts.



Gifting the Groomsmen and ushers

At Alice Made This we have a whole host of refined gift ideas for groomsmen and ushers. Choose an accessory that they can cherish as a keepsake as well as wearing on the big day, thanking them for their support, friendship and help along the way. From a pair of cufflinks, a lapel pin or a men’s bracelet, we have options to suit every personality and style. Get in touch to discuss your ideas and any personalisation or engraving requests you may have.

unique gifts for ushers | unique gifts for groomsmen | unique wedding gifts | copper cufflinks

A selection of our rose gold and copper cufflinks and lapel pins

Gifting the bridesmaids

We have can offer some lovely gifting opportunities to the bridesmaids as a keepsake to wear on the day and keep beyond the wedding. A statement necklace, ring or set of earrings can work beautifully as a loving gesture to thank your bridal team for their support, loyalty, love and friendship. Get in touch to discuss product ideas and any personalisation or engraving requests you may have. 

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Our Juno rose gold necklace

Gifting can also go beyond your core team. Don’t forget to celebrate your new mother and father in-laws, as well as the unconditional support from your own mother and father. Other people that you may like to consider include; the witness, the MC, your brothers and sisters and of course a cheeky gift for your other half, whether you are the bride and groom. Here are just a couple of ideas from the Alice Made This team.

Gifting the mother in law

Choose something timeless and safe like our Eden silver necklace

Gifting the Mother of the bride

Why not treat her to an Esme gold or a Grace rose gold necklace to stand out in the wedding party?

Gifting the Father of the bride

A lapel pin to match the groomsmen, a pair of cufflinks or even one of our lapel pin and cufflinks sets will really make his day.

Gifting the father in law

Keep things simple with an elegant lapel pin or a pair of classic cufflinks.

Gifting a wedding witness

A pair of cufflinks or a pair of earrings can make for a wonderful way to say thank you.

Gifting a wedding MC

Go for a simple gesture with one of our geometric keyrings.

gift ideas for weddings | mother of the bride gift | father of the bride gift | unique usher gifts | unique groomsmen gifts | unique gifts for weddingsOur Esme gold necklace, Grace rose gold necklace, Alexander copper cufflinks, Francis rose gold lapel pin, James golf cufflink and lapel pin gift set, Anning silver earrings, Austin steel cufflinks and Morris brass keyring

A gift for the groom from the bride

We suggest a P6 bracelet engraved with a message or the date for something really special.

A gift for the bride from the groom

Set your loved one up for married life with the AMT Tool Box.

unique gift for my bride | unique gift for my groom | unique gift for my husband to be | unique gift for my wife to be | unique gifts for fiance

A personalised mens P4 silver bracelet and our AMT Toolbox, necklace gift set 

To discuss any of the above in further detail, or just to chat through your wedding ideas, email and we’ll be more than happy to help.