How to wear jewellery in 2020

Here in the Alice Made This studio we are getting excited for upcoming announcements, experimenting with new combinations of our men’s accessories and women’s jewellery and setting ourselves up for a happy and healthy 2020.

What better way to embrace the “new year, new you” mentality than with a new wardrobe staple or a favourite new routine? Our team have loads of great aims for the year ahead, including spending more time with family, improving fitness, drinking more water and putting our health first. These resolutions are always high on our agenda, but another area that we always consider at this time each year is the state of our dress and our wares.

Alice Made This accessories

Below are just a few tips for accessorising your way through 2020. With our collection of intentionally versatile pieces, there is something for every occasion and for every character.  

1)    Pare back and stand out. At Alice Made This, our pieces are pared back and let the materials speak for themselves. This makes them really easy to wear with anything. Whether you are enjoying some family time, heading into the office when you want to look smart (yet unique), going out for a date night or meeting up with mates, choosing a simple accessory or piece of jewellery means that it will work with anything and can enhance the wardrobe choices you make.

2)    Stack them! We love that our bracelets, for both men and women, are perfect for stacking and layering. Combine metals, textures and graphic profiles to build up a feature that will see you through from day to night.

3)    Have fun and play. The nature of our men’s accessories and women’s jewellery means that our pieces are very tactile to wear. None more so than our Fibre collection of statement necklaces and bracelets. Combining vibrant Dyneema cord with signature Alice Made This hardware, you can adjust the jewellery to create your own combinations, from chokers to long handing pendants, and style them your way.

4)    Enjoy some everyday glamour. Who said that glamour had to be reserved for after dark? Particularly during dry January! Our cocktail rings offer bold and elegant statements that look as fabulous styled with a pair of jeans and a well-fitting jacket as they do with a cocktail dress. Feeling fantastic all day long should be a must for January!

5)    It’s in the detail. Every time we see a pair of copper cufflinks worn, it cements our view that it really is in the detail. The warmth, simplicity and honesty of the cufflinks shine through offering a quiet luxury that creates a refined and humble statement. Working with any style of shirt – white, blue or striped – you won’t be disappointed.

6)    Mix your metals. Consider yourself a silver or a gold person? This month we challenge you to try mixing your metals. We promise that it will delight you, mix up your outfit and test your preconceptions of what ‘suits you’. Be brave this year!

7)    Age gracefully. At Alice Made This we choose not to treat our pieces with any lacquers. We enjoy the material authenticity and how they develop over time, growing with you and telling a story. Why not embrace the tarnish? You can always return your pieces to their original glory with a polish next year!

8)    Take the rough with the smooth. It’s in our mission statement: “Engineered Simplicity”. We love juxtaposing seemingly incompatible notions. Jewellery can so often be thought of as polished and ‘blingy’, but we love combining the rough with the smooth, the industrial with the refined. Why not experiment with a different texture this year and choose a piece in a blasted or matte finish?

However you like to wear your accessories and jewellery this month, be authentic and wear what feels good! Concentrate on the little things that will make you happy and appreciate what you’ve got. We will be doing the same.

If you feel like a treat this January, you can browse our full collections of men’s accessories here and women’s jewellery here. To stay in touch with what we’re up to this month, you can also follow us on Instagram @alicemadethis.

Photography by Jane Looker Photography.