New! Protect Collection

Introducing a timeless collection of gold & silver chains from jewellery brand Alice Made This. 
Informed by protection, Alice was inspired to create a personal collection of armour for you to wear and enjoy. 
Alice Made This | Chain Collection | Designer Necklaces
Made using 925 recycled silver, the chains are offered in solid silver and with a 24 carat gold plated finish. Each chain design pairs two or three contrasting chain styles to create its contemporary design. Juxtaposing the simple with the complex, the designs accept our frequent variations in style, feeling or self.  
Wear this jewellery and recognise your emotions. Enjoy a reminder that simplicity and complexity are both beautiful, especially when combined.
Alice Made This | Designed Chain Collection | Responsible Jewellery
“Juxtaposing the decorative and the minimal, each chain celebrates emotion and individualism. Inspired by protection, we have enjoyed creating minimal armour for you to wear. This chain collection opposes the idea that anyone should fit in a box or adhere to a stereotype. It observes that simple and complex work in harmony and go hand in hand. 
Alice Made This | Chain Collection | Designer Bracelets
Alice Made This | Designer Gold Necklaces | Precision Jewellery
Alice Made This | Designer Silver Necklaces | Precision Jewellery
I’m excited to launch our mixed chain collection. I love a simple chain, so to create some pieces that play with some paired back, and more decorative styles of chain-making, has been really fun. With these bracelets and necklaces, I find myself as happy wearing them as singles, as I do stacking all of them together! This collection was created to be a symbol of simplicity and complexity, and to be armour to encourage an openness.” 
Alice Made This | Designer Gold Necklace | Precision Jewellery
Alice Made This | Mens and Womens Chain Collection | Designer Jewellery