Coastlines. Volume Two. Men's accessories collection

Today we are excited to introduce our new collection of engineered and simple men’s accessories - Coastlines. Volume Two. Including cuff bracelets for men, our first and much anticipated collection of rings for men, tie bars and cufflinks, these refined pieces are inspired by geotechnical engineering, hydraulic action and coastline geology in Britain.

men's silver bracelet | bracelet for men | Alice Made ThisFeaturing polished, barrelled and blasted finishes, this new collection of men’s jewellery focuses on the processes of Corrasion and Abrasion, using industrial techniques to mimic nature’s effect on raw materials. The collection is available in solid silver, solid 9ct gold and solid 18ct gold and can be dressed up or dressed down to suit both your smart and casual wardrobes.

Combining the power of nature with the precision of industry, Coastlines. Volume Two. expands on Volume One. by taking further inspiration from British coastlines, to create a versatile collection of geometric and contemporary jewellery.

bracelets for men | men's silver bracelet | men's jewelleryThe team here at Alice Made This has spent time studying hydraulic action and the erosion that occurs when the motion of water against a rock surface produces mechanical weathering. Corrasion sees the earth’s surface mechanically eroded as materials are transported across it by running water, waves, glaciers and wind, whereas Abrasion is the scraping of a rock surface caused by the friction of these moving particles. Through our design stages, and our work with our expert manufacturers and craftsmen to replicate the Corrasion and Abrasion processes to create new solid silver men’s bracelet, ring, tie bar and cufflinks designs, experimenting with bio mimicry through an industrial process called shot blasting.

rings for men | bracelets for men | Alice Made ThisWe are really excited to be adding rings for men to our full collection of men’s accessories, available in solid silver, 9ct gold and 18ct gold. Whether you are looking for an everyday ring or a simple and unique approach to a wedding band, these precious metals allow us offer a refined selection of versatile options.

As well as solid silver, a selection of our new accessories are also available in solid 9ct and solid 18ct gold as made to order pieces, ideal for a wedding, special occasion or as a gift for your loved one.

silver cufflinks | men's accessories | men's occasion wearIn addition to our hand polished and refined matte finishes, we are also pleased to introduce a new blasted finish. Each piece is carefully and precisely hand blasted with a coarse dry blast using G07 chilled iron grit, followed by a green vapour blast comprised of 300-400 screen glass beads. The result is a minimalist collection of polished, barrelled and blasted finishes, with the shapes of the bracelets, rings, tie bars and cufflinks mirroring the earth’s surface as it slowly changes under the force of hydraulic action.

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