Introducing the Sketch cufflinks collection

Today we’re pleased to announce the launch of our new Sketch collection – a timeless and beautiful collection of engraved cufflinks in four hand finished designs.

The Sketch collection sees our iconic, machined James cufflink design forming the canvas for expert, London based engravers Sam James, to highlight the intricacy and beauty of traditional hand engraving techniques. We have worked with James Neville and his team on a number of projects and are continually overwhelmed by their craft. Hand engraving is a skill that takes time to hone and each engraver develops a style that is unique to them, offering a beautiful sensibility that cannot be replicated by a machine.

gold cufflinks | Alice Made This cufflinks

The Sketch collection is all about highlighting the skill of mark making and telling the stories behind traditional patterns. No two cufflinks are the same and each cufflink has been uniquely cut to give you the opportunity to own beautiful pieces of wearable art.

Our first four hand engraved designs from our Sketch collection features the following designs:

Barley Flink

The Barley Flink pattern is an age-old technique normally used for pattern work that goes underneath enamel. A bright cut technique that creates a consistent and wonderful finish.

gold cufflinks | Alice Made This cufflinks

Bright Cut

The Bright Cut pattern was popular in the Victoria era. This decorative design is created by making a series of short cuts into the metal, using a polished engraving tool that causes the exposed surfaces to reflect light and give an impression of brightness. Traditionally this cut is used on antique candlesticks, canteens of cutlery and trays.

gold cufflinks | Alice Made This cufflinks

Bush Cut

The Bush Cut pattern features a refined texture and this technique is traditionally used in pictorial work to represent bushes and trees.

gold cufflinks | Alice Made This cufflinks

Heraldic Dot

When engraving, patterns are used to represent colours. The Heraldic Dot technique is a pattern used to represent gold (also named Or).

gold cufflinks | Alice Made This cufflinks

To learn more, you can browse our new Sketch collection here and follow us on Instagram @alicemadethis. Stay tuned next week when we will be discussing the engraving process in greater detail.