How to wear the Patina cufflinks collection

With their rich colours and deep finishes, our new Patina cufflinks are ideal for adding some colour and personality to your sartorial wardrobe – particularly throughout these gorgeous summer months. Whether you are looking for a pair of artisan cufflinks to complete a wedding outfit or want to brighten up your office attire, we’ve pulled together some suggestions for how to wear your new Bayley cufflinks – letting the refined tones from the unique chemical combinations speak for themselves.  

The Tuxedo

Whether you prefer a velvet, black or white get up, tuxedo dress often errs towards a monochromatic palette. With this in mind, try adding a punch of colour with your accessories and go for a pair of cufflinks with a rich depth, like our Bayley Quink black or Prussian blue cufflinks.

tuxedo cufflinks | artisan cufflinks

The Navy Suit

A navy suit is one of the most versatile choices for a smart wardrobe, looking great with both warm metals and an array of coloured details. You’re already onto a winner with our Bayley brass cufflink base, whichever colour finish you choose, but we love the Salmon pink or the Hickory brown variations. Warmth and rich attention to detail from harmonious colour combinations.

navy suit cufflinks | designer cufflinks

The Grey Suit

The beauty of a grey suit lies in the fabric and the textures you choose. Using grey as a canvas colour, you can create your outfit by simply layering alternate colours onto the grey with your selected accessories. Go bold and colour block with our Prussian blue cufflinks, go textural with our Luna silver cufflinks, add depth with the Quink black cufflinks or add softness with Salmon pink tones.

grey suit cufflinks | patina cufflinks

The Summer Suit

Summer allows for lighter shades and more freedom with colour so go tonal with your accessories. Try our Hickory brown cufflinks with a beige suit or our Salmon pink cufflinks with a pale pink or neutral outfit. Accessorising a pale blue or seersucker suit?  Our Luna silver or Prussian blue cufflinks could be just the thing.

summer suit cufflinks | alice made this cufflinks

The Plaid Suit

Patterned suits show flair and personality. Tame from afar, plaids may be considered the more traditional and savvy choice when it comes to pattern, but by adding colour and creativity, it can become personal to you and beautifully detailed up close. The key to accessorising your plaid suit is to bring out the colours in the pattern.  If there is a fleck of blue, why not pair with our Prussian blue cufflinks or, if your suit has a subtle thread of pink, go for our Salmon pink cufflinks.

plaid suit cufflinks | handmade cufflinks

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