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Our Forged jewellery collection is inspired by the beauty of imperfection and the idea that no two of us are the same. It is our imperfections that make us who we are and we can mirror and celebrate these nuances through the jewellery we choose. Using a combination of hot and cold forging methods we draw on traditional blacksmithing techniques dating back to as early as 1500BC. Using age-old tools and raw metal we work with expert forger Vincent Jack.

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We had the pleasure of meeting Vincent during a bespoke casting project we were creating with him and his team at London Bronze Casting. Whilst working together on the cast bronze piece we got talking about the beautiful characteristics of metals and the ancient technique that is Forging.  

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Forging is at the heart and soul of Vincent’s passion for metalwork. Where most people view metal as a static and hard material, Vincent has always seen it as something fluid to mould and manipulate, excited by its malleability. Vincent uses metal as a language and as a form of expression. He uses his profound understanding of the materials as a connection to his environment.

Vincent Jack was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1977. He grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe and moved to the UK in 1998, going onto study Fine Art at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design. Metal work is his specialism and forging, in particular, is his absolute foundation. He cut his teeth working as an apprentice for Terrence Clark, arguably the most celebrated Blacksmith artist globally.

Vincent’s workshop at the forefront of fabricating complex metal structures. With a passion for extensive research, a curiosity in combining the latest technologies with traditional craft, using custom hand crafted tools forged from the very best material combined with the high end raw materials they craft intricate and beautiful designs. 

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United by a love of the Arts Vincent, Tom and the team are an eccentric collection of tools, skills, processes and people, passionate about metal and the way it can move.

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