Faces of Alice Made This. A conversation with Juliet

Meet Juliet Ferry, the next in our Faces of AMT series which sees us going behind the scenes of the British factories that we work with to produce our precise collections, uncovering the stories of the people behind our industrial processes. After growing up in Perigueux France and studying Embroidery and Textile design at the Lycee Gilles Jamain in Rocheford, Juliet joined Hand & Lock as an embroiderer in 2016. Older than the Battle of Waterloo and in possession of a Royal Warrant, Hand & Lock is an atelier just off Oxford Street that produces embroidery for the Royal Armed Forces, Saville Row and our Military Tailoring lapel pins to name a few. Today we speak to Juliet and hear about her role, her work and how she started embroidering. 


“As a specialist hand embroiderer at the company, I’m pretty busy. I try to help the interns and share my knowledge about couture and embroidery. Every time one of my colleagues needs help with techniques, or if they want advice on what kind of stitch to do, then I try to have the answer.”



“While I was studying fashion design, my mentor was a tailor. She really taught me about tradition rather than just about the industry. I started embroidery as a hobby and then, while I was studying, I missed the touch of fabric and decided to go to a couture embroidery school. Embroidery allows me to be creative and, for me, it’s is a mix between jewellery and fashion.”

“I love my job and I love the dynamic of London. When I had the chance to come over and work at Hand & Lock, I took it with no hesitation. I think it’s really exciting to be here.”

Photography by JKF Man