Copper Jewellery

We LOVE copper! Ever since we launched our first collection of cufflinks, copper has been one of our core, raw materials. Warm and rich, this timeless metal remains a firm favourite in the Alice Made This studio and now informs designs across our full collection of Precision Jewellery. From statement necklaces and crafted bracelets, to rings and earrings, copper offers a contemporary alternative to gold or silver, working equally as well with both casual and more formal wardrobes.

copper jewellery | Alice Made This

Here we take a look at the different copper jewellery and the copper tones we offer at Alice Made This, following our pieces from our British Aerospace factory to our customers, and looking at what makes copper so versatile.

What makes copper so special?

In its natural state, copper is soft, malleable and ductile, with efficient thermal and electrical conductivity. Freshly exposed, the surface of pure copper has a beautiful pink/ orange tone before reacting with the atmosphere over time, forming fascinating green/blue oxides.

Copper is also used in various metal alloys, including sterling silver, and is a popular material in construction and electronics. Whereas steel is bright, copper offers a luxurious and inviting glow that stands out against almost any colour or surface.

As copper is one of the rare metals that occurs naturally in a workable form, it has been used for centuries. Dating back to Roman times, copper has had a variety of uses, from making coins to being used as pigments. It also has antibacterial properties, meaning it can be used in fungicides and wood preservatives.

When it comes to copper and humans, you may not have realised, but copper is essential to all of us. The average adult contains between 1.4 and 2.1 mg of copper per kilogram of body weight, with the metal mainly being found in the liver, muscle and bones. Although there isn’t currently a recommended daily intake for copper, there is no denying that it’s a powerful element.

Perhaps most intriguing of all is how copper is said to help to alleviate joint pain. Although it’s not fully understood why, some claim that copper is involved in vitamin C metabolism and the synthesis of collagen, a structural protein in bones and joints. As well as being worn in the form of copper jewellery, copper can also be found in foods including seafood, nuts, pulses, wholegrains and vegetables grown in copper-rich soil. Others claim that copper absorbs excess sulphates from the body.

Is copper sustainable?

Yes, copper is a sustainable metal. To date, we have only used 5% of the world’s resource and mine it at a rate where we have enough to last a further 5 million years.  Paired with this, copper is a sustainable material as it is 100% recyclable. Nearly 80% of all the copper we have ever produced is still in use today. Due to this it holds its value retaining 95% of its original value.

Copper finishes

Our copper jewellery comes in two finishes. Our cufflinks are precision turned from solid copper, giving them a beautifully fresh machined finish and a satin sheen to them. Our copper bracelets have a high polish to them as these are hand forged into shape after being precision turned. They are then buffed and polish to perfection!

Copper jewellery for men

Copper jewellery is a great option for men who want to add interesting details to their wardrobe. With material honesty and earthy tones, copper accessories are great for expressing your personality and standing out from the crowd.

Copper bracelets:

Often associated with having healing properties, copper bracelets spring to mind most readily when discussing copper jewellery. Whether you are looking for a piece of jewellery that coordinates with your watch or looks great worn by itself, a copper cuff bracelet is one of our most versatile details. Available in a variety of textures and graphic profiles, we have men’s copper bracelets to suit any event or mood. From the pub or a date, to a wedding or work, these accessories work with anything. Stacked together or worn individually, men’s bracelets are some of our favourite pieces of jewellery.

copper bracelets for men | Alice Made This

Copper cufflinks:

Where it all started, our copper cufflinks form the foundations of our full men’s accessories collection. Precision turned in a factory that specialises in manufacturing parts for the aerospace industry, each of our copper cufflinks is clean, refined and expertly engineered. Whether you are searching for a pair of cufflinks for work, a wedding or a special occasion, you should consider going for copper over a more traditional metal like silver or gold. They look as fantastic with a blue suit as they do with a darker palette and really pop against the cuff of a shirt. A guaranteed talking point, copper cufflinks are ideal for completing an outfit, leaving you feeling well put together and confident.

copper cufflinks | Alice Made This

Copper signet rings

Signet rings are so often associated with tradition, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be modern, minimalist and considered. Our Bacchus copper signet rings are available in a variety of finishes and look as great engraved with an initial, date or word as they do left blank. Tactile and solid, our copper signet rings are sure to become your new wardrobe staple.

copper signet ring | Alice Made This

Rose gold shirt studs

Looking for all the warmth and richness of copper, but in a precious metal finish? You can achieve the same impact as copper with rose gold as well. Our Elliott rose gold shirt studs for example were designed to bring the boldness of copper to a black-tie event. Simply insert into the button holes of your dress shirt and you’ll be ready to work the room. Our rose gold shirt studs can be bought individually or as part of a gift set with our Elliott rose gold cufflinks, making the perfect treat for yourself or a loved one.

Personalised copper accessories for men

Looking for something a bit more personal? As well as our copper signet rings, we can also engrave a number of our pieces of copper jewellery. Thanks to our in-house diamond engraving service, you can personalise some of your favourite copper pieces with your initials, messages and memories. Simply look out for ‘engrave me’ on our products and decide on the mark you want to make. Our Edward copper cufflinks for example offer a flat face ready for personalisation.

Copper jewellery for women

We offer a few pieces of our women’s jewellery in copper, however we prefer the precious nature of our rose gold for a more feminine feel. Our rose gold jewellery for women has a similar warmth and tone to our copper, but with a high polish finish. From everyday wear to jewellery for a special occasion, rose gold is our go to for making a statement. Featuring high-quality rose gold-plated finishes, our women’s jewellery offers geometric silhouettes and a minimalist aesthetic.

Rose gold necklaces

From circular tokens to bullet-shaped pendants, our rose gold necklaces come in many forms. Inspired by geometry, architecture and raw materials, our rose gold necklaces are made for moments of giving and given. Beautifully simple, these necklaces make gorgeous gifts for loved ones as well as a necklace for yourself that you can put on safe in the knowledge that it will go with anything.

rose gold necklaces | Alice Made This

Rose gold rings

Rings are some of the most fun and playful pieces of jewellery to experiment with. You can alternate which fingers you wear them on and stack them together or wear them as a singular statement. With their earthy and coppery tones, we love our Kitson rose gold, Mia rose gold and Tio rose gold rings. Each piece has its own personality, with details ranging from refined barrels to graphic finishes. All of our rings also have pinch to fit sizing so they look great on all fingers.

Copper and rose gold bracelets

A cuff bracelet is a beautiful way to add interest to an outfit. Paired with short or longer sleeves, a bracelet sits comfortably on the wrist and looks both timeless and effortless. You can opt for a copper colour palette with either a copper or a rose gold bracelet. We love the Oscar copper bracelet, Anning rose gold bracelet and Lapworth rose gold bracelet from our full collection as they feature differing textures, profiles and details. You can wear them individually or stacked together for more of a geometric statement.

copper and rose gold bracelets | Alice Made This

Rose gold earrings

Our Mia rose gold earrings are a clean and refined statement, offering simple sophistication. The elegant circle design looks as gorgeous with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and it does when worn to work or for an occasion. No matter if you prefer to wear your hair up or down, these earrings are guaranteed to catch the eye and create a pared back statement.

Personalised rose gold jewellery

Want to channel the copper vibes, but with more of a personalised feel? Our personalised rose gold jewellery could be just the thing! Our Charlie rose gold bracelet, Dot rose gold necklace and Dot rose gold bracelet can all be engraved with your initials, messages and memories with dedicated space for making your mark.

personalised rose gold jewellery | Alice Made This

Copper jewellery for weddings

Our copper and rose gold wedding accessories offer precise and considered details to make your big day truly unique. Whether you are searching for bespoke wedding bands, gifts for your bridesmaids, groomsmen and wedding party, our jewellery is available in rose gold and copper.

Our rose gold wedding rings are hand finished by our Silversmith in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter and our wedding accessories are made in our British factory that usually make aeroplane parts. All of our copper and rose gold wedding jewellery can be engraved to add that extra personal touch, giving your loved ones timeless pieces that can be worn for years to come.

Choose copper or rose gold for you wedding jewellery and add some beautiful warmth to complement your suits and dresses for the day.

Rose gold wedding rings

Stamped with our unique hallmark by the UK Assay office, our made to order 2mm and 4mm wedding rings are available in rose gold (as well as 18ct gold, white gold and platinum). With a precise and engineered form, the simple squared edge and curved underside offer the utmost comfort in a minimalist, timeless design.

Each of our bespoke wedding bands are available for him and for her, delivered to you in our Alice Made This gift box with a pocket size ceremony box for you to use during the ceremony. Our rose gold wedding bands can be made in a range of sizes to fit men and women perfectly. Just choose your width and your finish and we’ll create your rose gold wedding ring to your exact requirements.

rose gold wedding rings | Alice Made This

Rose gold and copper bridesmaid accessories

Our copper and rose gold gifts for bridesmaids offer a beautifully rich gift for your special ladies to wear on your wedding day. Whether you choose our Eden rose gold necklace, Juno rose gold necklace or Oscar copper bracelet, our jewellery sets provide elegant and unique gifts that will become your wedding party’s new wardrobe staples. Plus, our bridesmaid gift sets are delivered in an expertly designed gift box and we offer 15% savings on purchases of 2, 3 or 4 pieces to make your preparations as smooth as possible.

Thanks to our in-house diamond engraving service, all of our copper and rose gold bridesmaid accessories can also be engraved to add that extra touch of personalisation.

copper bridesmaids jewellery | Alice Made This

Copper groomsmen cufflinks

Made in Britain, by a team that specialises in aerospace and engineering part production, our copper groomsmen cufflinks are minimal, warm and unique. Precision turned from a solid bar of copper, our Edward copper cufflinks have a clean and machined finish.

Our copper groomsmen accessories are the perfect attention to detail for your big day. Delivered in a beautifully designed gift box, we offer timeless copper gifts for your groomsmen that they can wear and enjoy for many years to come. We offer 15% savings on purchases of 4, 5 or 6 pairs of copper cufflinks so that you have one less thing to worry about in the run up to your big day.

Our copper groomsmen cufflinks have a flat face which is the perfect surface to engrave on to, meaning that you can give your team a truly special gift.

copper groomsmen cufflinks | Alice Made This

Need more inspiration for choosing and styling your copper jewellery? You can browse our full collection of women’s jewellery here and men’s jewellery here. You can also follow us on Instagram @alicemadethis.

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