Studio Favourites. Andy Goldsworthy

Continuing our Coastlines Inspirations series, we look to Scotland and the work of Andy Goldsworthy, the British sculptor, environmentalist and photographer whose land art and situated sculptures gave inspiration to our most recent collections.


Goldsworthy works with materials ranging from icicles, leaves, mud and pinecones to vibrant flowers, stone, twigs and thorns. He often uses his teeth, hands and found tools to arrange the materials and his pieces occupy a transient and temporary state, eventually giving way to nature. He focuses on working in the moment while also looking closely at how his pieces will decay and break down over time.

Goldsworthy’s art is often unpredictable, heavily influenced by both the natural and urban sites that it occupies. ‘Drawn Stone’ for example, which was commissioned for San Francisco’s De Young Museum, comments on the city’s recurring earthquakes and their effects. Broken limestone is cracked and hammered to mirror the uncontrollable force of nature.


For our Coastlines collections, the team at Alice Made This has studied the process of Attrition and the impact that water has on the rocks and sea beds that make up Britain’s coastlines. Through biomimicry we have replicated this Attrition process using an industrial method called Barrelling. Our cufflinks and cuff bracelets are tumbled with ceramic angle cut tristar, offering honest textures and nodding to the power of nature that Goldsworthy has spent a career capturing.