Drive change with the 'Change Bracelet' and support the AMT Youth Programme.

“You don’t have to be the leader of a global movement or household name. It can be as small scale as chipping away at the warped power relations in your work place. It can be passing on your knowledge and skills to those who wouldn’t access them otherwise. It can be creative. It can be informal. It can be your job. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you’re doing something.” Reni Eddo-Lodge 

This quote really struck a chord in Reni’s book ‘Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race.’ During 202 we have chatted to a number of people about how to make a tangible change and how best to continue to drive anti-racism and affect systemic change. Chatting in much more depth with Bola Odusina and with Chris Lambert, about past, present and future, we have digested these conversations and have set up the AMT Youth Programme.

AMT Youth Programme | black creativity | driving change | black lives matter

 AMTYP Illustration by Ngadi Smart.

Introducing the AMT Youth Programme, a Community Interest Company supporting 16 -18 year old black young people in South East London, to get work experience in the creative industries and financial support to drive their creative passions. 

driving change | Alice Made This | bola and alice | AMT Youth Programme

We are excited to support London’s young creative community in gathering experience and developing a network. The programme will offer creative shadowing and will allow the participants to experience the breadth of skills and opportunities in SME's, as well as the variation of roles in the creative and retail sectors. Alice Made This will commit time and energy to this project and drive our network to support, collaborate and evolve this into a bigger and bolder programme.

AMT youth programme | change bracelet | Alice Made This | studio

AMT youth programme | gold change bracelet | Alice Made This | gradient finish

To support the programme we have launched the Change Bracelet, exclusively on our website. An evolution of our Bancroft 4mm bracelet the Change Bracelet is offered in gold and silver and has been created to drive local opportunity and change. The bracelet has a coarse blasted finish on one end, gradating through to a polished finish at the other end. This unique finish is created to represent change. Wear it to represent and to remind you to be active in driving this change. Profits from the sale of these bracelets will generate a fund used to directly support our Youth Programme students individually, in funding additional training, equipment and access to further creative support.

change bracelet | blasted and polished detail | youth programme | black lives

“We are committed to taking action with anti-racism. Our studio has always been in Southwark and its multi-cultural community is what has kept us here. We are committing our time, experience and network to our local black community, to support their journey in finding a future opportunity in the creative world. I had the privilege of going to Art College and on to further education. Without this I would not have understood the breath of roles and opportunities there are in the creative industries. The programme will offer insights into art, design, fashion, film, business, retail and e-commerce, and will support additional training and associated equipment for each student in areas such as photography, digital, CAD and more, through the profits of the Change Bracelet and other sources of funding. I am so grateful for the networks of amazing people I have gathered over the course of my career and we have reached out to friends and colleagues to get involved in various capacities. Working closely with our industry friend Bola Odusina, we are building a team of creative professionals to be on hand as advisors, mentors and more. Our current support network includes some brilliant people, and we are working with Southwark Council to connect with creatives from schools and local groups. We really look forward to meeting, collaborating and learning from the creative faces of the future.” Alice

change bracelet | silver and gold stacked bracelets | Alice Made This

“I am very excited to be involved in the programme supporting the local black community to gain experience in the creative industry. The applicants will have access to a strong network of creative professionals with a breadth of skill sets. The goal is to provide a glimpse into the creative world through day to day experiences, advisors and mentors. I hope this will encourage students to pursue a career within the industry equipped with resources and training. I have been fortunate enough to have a fantastic network of people supporting me and it is great to be able to provide the same for others." Bola

change bracelet | gold and silver | Alice Made Thischange bracelet | gold and silver stacked bracelets | Alice Made This

AMT youth programme | change bracelet | Alice Made ThisAll photography by Jamie Ferguson.

We are teaming up with some amazing partners who will be supporting our work experience programme and more... Explore them here.

We are also working with Southwark Council.

This group of creatives and professionals will be growing by the day so please connect with us if you would like to get involved as a partner:

If are 16-18 years old, based in South East London and you would like to participate in our AMTYP,  please apply here 

Explore our AMTYP Product here. These will be pieces that give their profits to the programme. 

If you wish to support the programme you can also donate here. Any donations will go directly to the young people who participate in our programme in the form of future training and equipment.