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The AMT Youth Programme supports young people aged 16-18 to gain experience, opportunities and resources in the creative industries.  

The programme aims to illustrate the breadth of opportunity across the creative industries. It aims to give you confidence and understanding, introducing you to a network of creative individuals and businesses that can help drive your talent and passion.

The programme prioritises young people from African and Caribbean descent, based in South East London.


AMTYP matches you with an individual or team from the creative industry, where you will spend time shadowing and experiencing creativity in the workplace. 

  • You will access and gain understanding of the range of creative roles in the industry, 
  • Gather tangible experience for your CV. 
  • Meet some amazing people and start building your own networks.

Alice Made This and the AMTYP team will process all the applications, enrol you for the programme, and pair you with the most exciting partners.


AMTYP is generating some funding to support each applicant further in the form of additional training, equipment and resources. The additional support will be case by case and will reflect your creative interests.

This funding will offer relevant resources and allow you to self-drive your interests further. It could include things like; a BoF annual subscription to access industry current affairs and online educational resources; a certified Central Saint Martins 2 week course in a creative area of your choice; a 12 week life drawing evening class;  some CAD training; a DSLR camera, some creative software, a laptop etc...


We will be introducing a calendar of events for the AMTYP alumni to access and experience. This will include studio tours, workshops and live projects with our partners and their networks. 


Please apply here if you would like to take part in the AMT Youth Programme. We accept applicants all year round and Work Experience can be fulfilled at a time that works for each individual. 

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