A Monolith of Precious Metal. A beautiful Occasion Accessory

“The Grafton cufflinks are one of my favourite pieces in the cufflink collection to date! They can be worn both ways and stand on a surface like a monolith of precious metal. These have been designed to be a little piece of sculpture to add to your outfit each day.” Alice

grafton gold cufflink | blasted gold cufflink

grafton gold cufflink | matte gold cufflink

Inspired and informed by precision, proportion and the casting process, the Grafton’s are a collection of cufflinks made locally, celebrating craftsmanship and engineering. Solid gold and silver is cast into the architectural Grafton cufflink form. Each cufflink is then hand-worked by our Silversmith Dave in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, before it is de-sprued, filed, buffed and given one of our three signature finishes.

grafton cufflink collection

Polished: To achieve this timeless finish we patiently and precisely work our jewellery on the buffing wheel until it reaches a mirror polish. 

grafton polished silver cufflinks

Matte: Inspired by the British coastline and geo-technical movement, we barrel each cufflink amongst ceramic stones for 4 hours in the studio to give it a contemporary aged aesthetic and texture.

grafton reversible silver cufflinks | close-up

Blasted: Working with a local vintage motorcycle specialist, we blast our jewellery using iron filings and glass beads. The effect is a raw, refined and unique texture.

grafton blasted | silver cufflinks | textured cufflinks

With the work environment evolving into a hybrid of office and home, cufflinks are becoming more a an Occasion Accessory. The Grafton's  celebrate the Occasion. They are designed to be a life-long gift perfect for events like a wedding, a milestone birthday or anniversary, and a meaningful gift idea for key annual moments such as Christmas.

Photography by Jamie Ferguson and AMT studio.

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