How to wear the AMT Tool Box

Last week we launched the AMT Tool Box - a Tool Box that allows you to decorate yourself for modern life with our clean and graphic designs. With 1 box, 7 pendants and 18 necklaces, this refined curation of our brass and steel pendants, paired with gold and silver chains, allows you to dress up or dress down, by day or by night. 

While designing our growing Women's collection, it became part of Alice's daily routine to experiment with and alternate between necklace combinations - wearing the pendants as individuals or layering them to create a unique and honest statement. Whether visiting one of our factories, attending an important event or spending quality time with the family, there was always a precise and geometric option that worked. 

We are super excited to now be able to offer you the opportunity to mix and match our pendants to create your own necklaces using the AMT Tool Box. Whatever your mood, style or the occasion, there is an elegant combination to suit you. 

Here are just a few styling suggestions from the team here at Alice Made This to get you started, showing how a clean and honest outfit can work with different creations from the AMT Tool Box. We'd love to see how you wear yours so be sure to follow us on instagram and keep us up to date with your looks and inspirations. We hope you enjoy the pieces as much as we do! 







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