A Limited Edition Christmas

This year we have approached the gifting season a little differently. I am delighted to introduce a capsule collection of limited edition jewellery to celebrate the craftsmanship across our full collection. Made in very small batches this capsule collection has been worked with our craftspeople to push colour, texture, and detail. Together with this we have also introduced a collection of our bestselling bracelets in women’s sizing. A one stop shop for gifting ideas for you and your loved ones. Here I talk a little about each piece, who makes them, and why they are part of the collection this Christmas.
Forged key rings
Vincent Jack hand forges our ‘Forged jewellery’ piece by piece in his workshop in Farnham. Informed by the history of the blacksmith and the primal techniques of this ancient craft, I was keen to add some key rings to the collection.
Alice Made This | Limited Edition | Christmas Gift Ideas | Forged Key Rings
A keyring is such a utilitarian item. Carried with us daily it can literally open or close a space, both physically and metaphorically. The Jac and Willard key rings are designed to be held and found at the bottom of a bag with ease. The proportions work for both large and small hands and they can slip into a pocket. A simple yet beautifully crafted piece.
Alice Made This | Limited Edition Jewellery | Christmas Gift Ideas | Forged Key rings
The principle of these Forged pieces are to celebrate imperfections and individuality. These solid, strong rings of metal are hand manipulated using heat, like plasticine, creating a sense that 'anything is possible.'  I use these key rings in my daily life! They make me smile and think of Vincent gracefully hammering in the heat of his workshop. I highly recommend them.
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Hand Engraving Cufflinks
I use Sam James Engravers for all our hand engravings projects and jewellery. I recommend them to anyone who needs this art. They are simply the best at what they do, and I feel privileged to be able to work with them. Together with this they have a continuous flow of apprentices, to whom they are sharing their wisdom and expertise. I have wanted to explore some new ideas for hand engraving for a while now, and our limited edition capsule collection seems like the perfect opportunity.
Alice Made This | Limited Edition | Christmas Gift Ideas | Hand Engraved Cufflinks
When I work with James and Sam I lean on their expertise in hand engraving and heraldic patterns and textures. They both have a wealth of knowledge in this area and can introduce me to engraving techniques that are both compelling and beautiful. I have always been quite intrigued by a historic coat of arms. What it signifies, who it belongs to, and why it is created. Both of the designs created here are a form of dissection or deconstruction of this.
Alice Made This | Limited Edition Jewellery | Christmas Gift Ideas | Hand Engraved Cufflinks
 ‘Beast Eyes’
A beast flanks a coat of arms. They are considered valiant warriors. Our pair of cufflinks are made up of two beasts eyes. A lion’s eye and an eagle’s eye. The eagle is emblematic of fortitude and magnanimity of mind. The lion is considered the noblest of all the wild beasts, and is the symbol of strength and valour. Combined, they represent strength and fortitude both physically and mentally. I liked this! They also highlight the artistry of Sam and James' Cutting. 
‘Cloak Scrolls’
I have always been the fan of an underdog and the Cloak Scroll is exactly this! Used as decoration surrounding any coat of arms it hangs like the cloak of a knight, and though almost unnoticed it symbolises protection. It is not a detail that defines the identity, but rather decorates it. I love the mirror image of these scrolls – coming together as a pair to flank or wrap around you when in place on each wrist. The shading is subtly different on each cufflink too, and again these highlight Sam and James' expertise with their cutting tools.
A very special and thoughtful gift idea for any one who can be hard to buy for.
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Alice Made This | Limited Edition | Christmas Gift Ideas | Patina Cufflinks
I have been waxing lyrical about the amazing patina artist, Derek Bayley, for many years. I feel inspired just walking into to his workspace and love to experiment with new patina combinations to see what complex colours we can offer you guys.
Alice Made This | Limited Edition Jewellery | Christmas Gift Ideas | Patina Cufflinks
Emerald Patina
The emerald was a no brainer. Festive, rich, bright and happy – what is not to love. Made by artistically combining potassium sulphide, iron nitrate, and copper nitrate to react with the brass base material of the cufflink, this bright patina adds so much to a plain shirt. They standout effortlessly, but are still quiet, humble and intriguing.
Storm Patina
The storm uses a mix of potassium sulphide, iron nitrate, bismuth nitrate and titanium oxide. They are a bold mix of monochrome and nude, artistically brushed to create a little storm on your cuff. Both of these patinae cufflinks make wonderful gifts for anyone who enjoys wearing them or needs to up their wedding game.
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It was a difficult decision to cull our entire Women’s collection early this year in our Less-is-More shift. We are essentially a design brand where gender is fluid. Our necklaces and cufflinks work for everyone, and they look great on all, but sizing is the issue we come up against in our bracelet collections.  So with this in mind I wanted to offer a capsule to gift women this year of my favourite bracelets.
Precision Turned
Alice Made This | Limited Edition | Christmas Gift Ideas | Precision Turned Bracelets
The same engineers that I worked with from the start of AMT precision cut these bracelets.
Alice Made This | Limited Edition Jewellery | Gift Ideas | Women's Bracelets
A straight bar of aerospace copper and brass are turned and cut before being sent to Dave, our silversmith, to hand forge them into a cuff shape. These are made tighter and shorter that our men’s versions and the first time we have ever offered them as solid copper and brass options. Great bracelets and modern heirlooms.
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Chain Bracelets
Alice Made This | Limited Edition | Christmas Gift Ideas | Gold and Silver Chain Bracelets
And finally, we have made a few of our latest collection in women’s sizes. They have been popular with a number of our customers asking if we can do them for women, so here they are! We launched them just before we shifted gears and have kept them especially for Christmas for you.
Alice Made This | Limited Edition Jewellery  | Christmas Gift Ideas | Women's Silver and Gold Chain Bracelets
Enjoy! It’s a small batch of pieces and only for Christmas. A timeless collection of gold and silver chains informed by protection. Each chain design pairs two or three contrasting chain styles to create its contemporary design. Juxtaposing the simple with the complex, the designs accept our frequent variations in style, feeling and self.  Wear this jewellery as a reminder that simplicity and complexity are both beautiful, especially when combined. You will find necklaces to match in the main collection too!
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