'a' collaboration with Transport for London

Posted on September 23, 2015 by Amelia Ebdon

We are delighted to announce that we have been invited to design a selection of accessories by Transport for London as part of its Year of Design, celebrating iconic and exceptional transport design. 

The Johnston collection is based on the materials used on the London transport system, past and present, and sees us working with some of TfL's existing factories and suppliers. Alice Made This has combined our signature aesthetic of clean, precise forms with the heritage and material innovation of London's transport system. The collection launches today at Designjunction as part of London Design Festival. Desktop valet | Steel cufflinks | Alice Made This | TfL


The Johnston collection


The Johnston cufflinks are made in steel, one of the most abundant materials used throughout the TfL transport system. We were inspired by the graphic nature of the Roundel and so combined this famous symbol of London transport with a machined and polished finish, creating a refined pair of cufflinks. Experimenting with angles and perspective, when aligned, the head and the stem of the cufflinks reveal the subtle structure of the Roundel, celebrating the intricacies of London's infrastructure within the precision of a clean, timeless accessory. 

Steel cufflinks | TfL cufflinks | Alice Made This


The Johnston desktop valet is formed from low carbon steel and finished with a vitreous enamel surface, used for all the signage on the London Underground. The valets are produced by A J Wells, the official supplier of Transport for London, and experts in vitreous enamel, a durable and smooth material. The enamel valet is paired with a clean cut leather mat, designed in London Transport white and navy blue to represent the colour of the Underground station names, mirroring the valet’s function as a destination for all manner of belongings in one place.

Desktop valet | Steel cufflinks | Alice Made This | TfL

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