'a' mixed material gift set

Material, texture and detail choice can often be mood dependent. Where one occasion may call for a precise, formal accessory in steel another may be more suited to the warm, rich tones of copper. The Mixed material gift set from Alice Made This allows for considered curation and refined choice.

Mixed material gift set | Alice Made This

Combine our Dawson steel cufflinks, Edward copper cufflinks and Alexander brass cufflinks for a considered work wardrobe.

By choosing our Mixed material gift set, you can curate your own selection of accessories by selecting any three pairs of cufflinks from our Aerospace collection. Precision turned from a solid bar of metal by a British factory that usually specialises in airplane part production, our Aerospace cufflinks form the original Alice Made This collection and the foundations of our full range. With a clean, machined finish, our Aerospace cufflinks use the same process, machines and materials found in the British aerospace engineering industry. 

Whether you want three pairs in the same material, or a combination of different tones and metals, our Mixed material gift set gives your wardrobe a considered versatility. For work, weddings or as a gift, our Aerospace cufflinks enable you to experiment with our honest raw materials and our clean, refined designs. Here are some of our favourite combinations from the collection.


Material mix

Choose the same style of cufflinks in steel, brass and copper as wedding gifts for groomsmen or to have your favourite design in every tone. 

Cufflinks gift set | Alice Made This

Material variations from our Alexander steel cufflinks, Alexander copper cufflinks and Alexander brass cufflinks

Textures and tones

Refine your own curated collection of Alice Made This staples by experimenting with our warm tones and precise metals. 

Cufflinks set | Alice Made This


Experiment with metals and designs by combining our Dawson steel cufflinks, Alexander brass cufflinks and Edward copper cufflinks

Rich copper cufflinks

One shade, three styles. Showcase the versatility of your favourite metal by choosing multiple styles in the same raw material. 

Rich copper cufflinks | Alice Made This


Enjoy rich, warm copper tones by selecting our Dawson copper cufflinks, Edward copper cufflinks and Lucas copper cufflinks

Curate your own collection

Curating your own Mixed material cufflink gift set is simple. Choose any three pairs of cufflinks from our Aerospace collection here and then head here to add one of our Mixed material gift sets to your checkout. After you have completed your order, email hello@alicemadethis.com to let us know which three pairs of cufflinks you have chosen for your bespoke gift set.