Transport for London. The Johnston steel cufflinks.

Presented during London Design Festival, Alice Made This designed a collection of cufflinks in collaboration with Transport for London.

As part of Transported by Design, which celebrated iconic and exceptional transport designs, the cufflinks were based on the materials used on the London transport system, past and present. We combined our signature aesthetic of clean, precise forms with the heritage and material innovation of London’s transport system.

Steel is one of the most abundant materials used throughout the TfL transport system and so, inspired by the graphic nature of the Roundel, Alice Made This combined this famous symbol of London transport with a machined and polished finish, to produce a refined pair of steel cufflinks. Experimenting with angles and perspective, when aligned, the head and the stem of the cufflinks revealed the subtle structure of the Roundel, celebrating the intricacies of London’s infrastructure within the precision of a clean, timeless accessory.

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