McLaren F1. McLaren cufflinks and key ring.

McLaren F1. McLaren cufflinks and key ring.

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of McLaren Formula 1, Alice Made This partnered with McLaren to design a collection of steel cufflinks and a key ring made using genuine McLaren car parts.

McLaren entered Formula 1 in 1966 under the leadership of Bruce McLaren. For 50 years, McLaren has been one of the most successful teams in history. To commemorate this anniversary, we gave supporters the chance to own a part of that history. Using genuine car components, we partnered with McLaren, and created a number of specially designed accessories.

The project began with Alice Made This delving through the McLaren archives for parts from unique cars that also offered interesting materials, forms and details. From this, we partnered with our Aerospace factory to create a set of limited edition cufflinks and a key ring.

Mclaren cufflinks | Studio AMT | bespoke accessories

Mclaren cufflinks | McLaren key ring | corporate gifting

McLaren cufflinks | McLaren key ring | men's accessories

steel cufflinks | McLaren cufflinks | limited edition accessories

McLaren cufflinks | McLaren key ring | Studio AMT corporate gifting

steel cufflinks | steel key ring | Studio AMT

McLaren cufflinks | steel cufflinks | men's cufflinks

bespoke accessories | limited edition cufflinks | McLaren cufflinks

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