Begg & Co. Brass scarf ring.

In collaboration with Begg & Co. we designed a precision turned solid brass ring with a barrelled finish to offer a clean, honest, way of securing a Begg and Co scarf.

Alice Made This worked with Begg & Co, to design and produce an exclusive scarf ring to secure their exquisite, Scottish made scarves. Pieces of brass are fine-tuned using CAD systems to accommodate high tolerance measurements and turned on an automated lathe from a solid bar, a process typically used to engineer aeroplane parts.

Made from solid brass, the scarf ring offered a refined, barrelled finish. A spun diamond engraved Teasel detail, symbolic to Begg & Co, combined a clean and graphic detail with the textured, matte detailing.

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brass scarf ring | men's accessories | Alice Made This

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