Anglo American Centenary

To celebrate 100 years of Anglo American being in business, and 100 years of making a real difference, Alice Made This was briefed to design a gift, for each employee in the business, to mark the centenary. We designed this Copper Pot to be versatile in use and to offer a gift that highlights industrial innovation, the refinery process and the hand work that goes into this process from mine to market.

The Copper Pot is turned from solid copper. Machined with high precision, we have coarse wet blasted each piece individually and carefully polished it by hand. Every Copper Pot is unique to represent the importance of every single employee at Anglo American.

copper pot | copper accessories | Studio AMT

copper pot | bespoke copper accessories

copper candle holder | corporate gifting

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copper pot | copper accessories | men'c accessories

copper pot | Alice Made This corporate gifts

copper accessories | copper candle holder | Alice Made This corporate gifting

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