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Diamond bracelets, cuff bracelets, chain bracelets, cord or rope bracelets… each bracelet has a story to tell. Our silver and gold cuff bracelets are inspired by Brutalist architecture whilst our ball chain ID bracelets are informed by aerospace engineering techniques and can be personalised by you. Our bracelets are made in small batch runs and each piece of jewellery is carefully crafted here in the UK mixing the precision of engineering and the beauty of handwork to celebrate materials and the process of making. Our bestsellers have been restocked, they go quickly, check them out whilst you can.


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      "Amazing! Made a lovely gift for a friend" Ben

      Inspired by brutalist architecture we juxtapose rough with smooth and focus on the unique textures of these pieces.

      Our copper and brass bracelets are precision turned, using aerospace grade materials, before being hand formed, buffed and polished.

      "I went back for more ... That says it all!" Ger