The Yard Sale

Alice Made This | sale | studio move | precision jewellery | limited edition jewelleryI am super excited to tell you all that we have moved studio! We are one week in the new space and delighted to be here. As a customer, ordering or receiving your jewellery will be no different, but for us as a team it is quite a change!

We have gone from heart of the city into remote nature. We are near the sea, which for our passion of geometry and precision in nature, feels like the right move, and it has allowed us to have more space to continue our growth of Alice Made This. Our engineers and craftsmen are thread across the UK, so our production and development continues in the same way. The AMT Youth Programme will continue to tie us to our roots in Southeast London and Alice will be actively moving between the two :).

As a small team, shifting space, and operations of a business, is quite the mental load, but gratefully there has been a cathartic cleanse about it all too.

Our process of design is particularly experimental. We spend several weeks each year researching, sampling, engineering, and crafting our jewellery to explore the beauty of the materials and the techniques that we use. Part of this process involves creating and collecting these samples as references to form a material library here in the studio.

The move has allowed (and encouraged) us to go back through all of this and we have unearthed some absolute treasures! Some we need to keep as reference and for future inspiration, but others we can pass on to you, in what we have called the Yard Sale.

If I am totally honest, I am always nervous of a ‘Sale’ but this one I am not nervous of! This one is special. I feel like we must not leave these pieces hidden in boxes gathering dust. They are beautiful pieces of jewellery and if we can offer them to you, our loyal and wonderful customers, to enjoy, then I am totally delighted to do so.

What the Yard Sale includes.

The Archive

This type of piece has been part of our story. They are no longer available, and we have unearthed either one or a few of each piece, during our move.


These are the gems! They are samples that we made during the design process. Genuine one-offs that may be trialling a material, a shape, a pattern, or a technique. If you enjoy owning something that is limited, or that no-one else has, then these pieces are perfect for you.

Odd Bump

These have a few bumps picked up from along the production journey. It could be a hairline scratch, or a machine mark that that has meant that it hasn't quite made the cut, but for the Yard Sale it allows you to enjoy them at the lowest price possible. Everything in this category I would be very happy to wear and own. I just can’t sell these at full price as they are not perfect.

Last Chance

These are a few styles we are phasing out to make some space for our next stories and collections. They are the last few items we have, so if you like them don’t hesitate, as when they are gone, I’m afraid they are gone-gone!

Enjoy the Yard Sale. It is the type of sale that is a once in a lifetime for us. This is the first time we have moved in this way since we began Alice Made This, so this type of ‘unearthing’ will not happen again…well at least not for another ten years!

A few quick additional details for you to know…

  1. We are charging shipping on all orders for the duration of the Yard Sale. This will be the cost price that we pay. Usually, we love to offer free shipping, but due to the nature of the Yard Sale we can’t accommodate this. I hope you understand.
  2. We will ship all orders during the Yard Sale as quickly as we can. We enjoy having an efficient service and will do our best to get these out as quickly as possible. As you can imagine the demand may spike during this sale so, please bear with us. I promise we are working as hard and as fast as we can.
  3. Please note that we cannot accept any refunds for our Yard Sale items. We have clearly identified any marks or blemishes clearly for those products in our ‘Odd Bump’ category. The price reflects this and as a result all transactions are final sales.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support of Alice Made This. We love doing what we do and look forward to bringing you our next stories of craftsmanship and engineering very soon.

Alice Made This | signed by AliceX
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