Which finger to wear your signet ring on

When it comes to signet rings, we often get asked which finger you should wear your signet ring on and how to style it. Is it meant to be the pinky, index or middle finger? Should I opt for brass, steel or copper and what’s the different between polished and matte? Should I get my signet ring engraved or leave it blank? To answer some of these common questions, we have compiled this guide about how to style signet rings and which finger to wear yours on.

The most important thing to remember is, whether you are a traditionalist or prefer to opt for a more contemporary take on this piece, there are plenty of options for accessorising your signet ring to suit your personal style.

What finger do I wear my signet ring on?

This is probably one of the most confusing questions when it comes to signet rings. Traditionally this piece is worn on the pinky finger, but, as with all men’s fashion rules, they are made to be broken. By approaching the signet ring with a contemporary stance, you can wear you ring on any finger you like depending on the mood, what feels comfortable and the occasion. Here are some of our thoughts behind the different fingers.

Your pinky finger

Although signet rings aren’t as prominent in society today as they once were, they are still an accessory with immense cultural and historical significance. Traditionally, signet rings were worn on the pinky finger and used by gentlemen, particularly gentlemen involved with business or politics, as a seal to sign important documents. Engraved with the wearers family crest, the signet ring would be dipped into hot wax before being used to print a signature.

As a nod to this cultural reference, you may choose to wear your signet ring on your pinky finger. Whether you opt for brass, steel or copper - leaving your signet ring blank for a more contemporary look or having it engraved with your crest or markings – our pieces allow you to dress your ring up or down, experimenting with both modern and more classic ways of wearing.

Here, we have paired ours with a timeless dark blazer and gold cufflinks while also layering the signet ring with a stack of our cuff bracelets and a pair of our patina cufflinks. A minimalist and versatile piece of jewellery, you can wear yours on your pinky finger without the fear of looking old fashioned.

Alice Made This | Which finger to wear your signet ring on

Alice Made This | Which finger to wear your signet ring on

Alice Made This | Which finger to wear your signet ring on

Your ring, index and middle fingers

As signet rings were technically the signature of the wearer, they were often considered so powerful that they were destroyed after the man’s death. Most commonly these signatures were a coat of arms or a family crest, but they could also be simple symbols and other combinations of letters or distinct patterns. Above all else, the signet ring represents power, authenticity and the individuality of the owner.

You can embrace this notion of individuality by choosing to break tradition and wear your signet ring on your ring, index or middle finger, depending on your outfit, your mood or the occasion. For example, here we have styled ours with a red jumper and a collection of our cuff bracelets, as well as a simple brown blazer and a pair of our patina cufflinks. You can celebrate the story behind the signet ring design while updating it with your own take.

Alice Made This | Which finger to wear your signet ring on

Alice Made This | Which finger to wear your signet ring on

How to style your signet rings

Dust off your overcoats

Nothing complements the falling leaves more than a well-fitting and well-chosen overcoat. Paired here with a black tee and the silver tones of our cuff bracelets in steel and silver, you can be brave with the widths of your metals, creating solid chunks that look great against the details and materials of your overcoat. Finish the look with one of our steel signet rings.

how to style your signet rings | Alice Made This

Unearth your knitwear

Under your bed, boxed away, carefully folded? Wherever you store yours during summer, it’s time to unearth your knitwear and wrap yourself in those welcome woollen textures. Here we’ve matched a classic white jumper with the warm, rich tones of a copper cuff bracelet and our copper polished signet ring. Embrace the burnt oranges and earthy reds of autumn by opting for copper jewellery and accessories.

how to style your signet rings | Alice Made This

Trans-seasonal staples

Wardrobe go-tos like fine knits and long sleeve tees are ideal for this transitional period from August through to September. Choose pieces that are minimal, monochromatic and simple to create an effortless style that works well with both our matte and polished steel signet rings. You can’t go wrong!

how to style your signet rings | Alice Made This

The bomber jacket

Your friend on even the windiest of days, the bomber jacket is a great choice for autumn. Whether you’re on your way to work, meeting friends or out with the family, a bomber jack is ideal for keeping you looking your best on the move. We recommend choosing a signet ring that matches the hardware of your jacket. For example, match a steel signet ring with a steel zip and opt for a brass signet ring to match brass pocket detailing. Coordination is a great way to show off your attention to detail and create a subtle statement.

how to style your signet rings | Alice Made This

Create softness from dark tones

Navy blues and dark t-shirts are an ideal way of bringing a softer approach to your autumn wardrobe. By opting for a signet ring on your pinky finger with a stack of cuff bracelets or a signet rings on your index finger instead with a bracelet stack in mixed metals, you can let the accessories and the raw materials speak for themselves. Whether you prefer steel, copper or brass, you can create a minimalist look that combines the traditional with the classic.

how to style your signet rings | Alice Made This

Raw yet refined

Streetwear and its raw simplicity can be refined when teamed with the right accessories. Seen here with the colour and reflective polish of our brass signet ring, why not keep things casual this season?

how to style your signet ring | Alice Made This

Steel, brass or copper signet rings?

Your choice of material for your signet ring is dependent on your personal style or the outfit you are styling it with. Are you more of a gold or a silver person? Are you looking for a ring to coordinate with a tuxedo or a more casual, everyday look? These factors will all influence your decision. At Alice Made This, we love the raw materials of brass, steel and copper and the way that they age over time and carry such material honesty. We think there is a time and a place for each of the gorgeous tones of our signature raw materials.

Steel signet rings

Steel signet rings are perfect for the man who favours a crisp, fresh, silver tone. Maybe you often wear blue suits or have a favourite steel watch that you want to coordinate? A steel signet rings is a timeless and versatile accessory that looks as great dressed up as it does dressed down, meaning that you can wear it every day and to any occasion. This minimalist ring will never go out of style.

Brass signet rings

For you gold lovers out there, brass signet rings are the ideal piece of jewellery. They ooze sophistication and precision, while possessing warm, golden tones. A brass signet ring looks wonderful with a cuff bracelet, a pair of gold cufflinks or a matching watch. Whatever your style or accessories, you can rely on a brass signet ring to complete your look.

Copper signet rings

Arguably the most contemporary material choice out of our collection if signet rings, a copper signet ring offers unbeatable, rich tones. Copper is a gorgeous material with natural healing properties and ages fantastically over time. If you’re looking for a signet ring that will grow with your personal aesthetic and look refined for years to come, then a copper signet ring could be the option for you.

Polished or matte signet rings?

At Alice Made this we offer our signet rings in two of our signature finishes – polished and matte. All of our signet rings are precision milled by a British factory that specialises in manufacturing for the Aerospace industry, before being finished accordingly.

Our polished signet rings are individually hand polished to offer a considered and reflective surface. A more traditional finish, a polished signet ring coordinates beautifully with a well-chosen watch or pair of cufflinks. If you prefer bright and polished jewellery, then a polished signet ring is a beautiful choice.

Our matte signet rings offer a finish more unique to Alice Made This. Instead of being hand polished, our matte signet rings are barrelled in ceramic stones, giving a matte mottled texture. A contemporary take on an antique finish, we love the matte option for something a bit different and personal to you.

Should I engrave my signet ring?

Historically signet rings were always engraved with the signature of the wearer; however that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case these days.

Our signet rings have been carefully designed to look as precise and refined left blank as they do with an engraving. Tactile, versatile and solid, our signet rings are a minimalist and contemporary piece of jewellery that can speak for itself.

However, if you want to make your mark on your signet ring, or perhaps you are gifting a ring for a loved one and want to add a special, personal touch, then engraving in a brilliant choice. At Alice Made This, we can offer an in-house diamond engraving service that ensures your pieces are just as you desire. We recommend engraving an initial, a number or a word, in a font of your choice, to ensure your signet ring is unmistakably yours.

Whether you would like to engrave your own initial, the initial of a loved one, a significant date or a word that holds meaning to you, these engravings are all possible on our collection of signet rings.

Gifting signet rings for him

A signet ring makes a precise and meaningful gift for the man in your life. Whether you are shopping for your partner, a friend, your brother, your son or your father, a signet ring is sure to be a gift that he will really cherish.

When choosing a signet ring for a partner, opt for a material that you know he wears regularly. Why not engrave with his initial or your anniversary date for a special touch? Maybe you are getting married and want an extra gift that he can wear alongside his wedding band for years to come? Whatever the occasion, a signet ring is a classic choice.

As well as partners, signet rings make beautiful gifts for friends. Why not leave blank for a modern feel or engrave the signet ring with a word that means something in your friendship, maybe an inside joke or a positive motto. Whatever you choose, a signet ring will really show them you care.

When we think of gifting signet rings, family members come to mind most readily. Why not play with the tradition of the signet ring and gift one to your father, son or brother? Get the signet ring engraved with the family initial and gift them a timeless piece of jewellery that can be kept in the family.

For more inspiration for styling your signet rings, you can browse the full collection here and follow us on Instagram @alicemadethis. Check back next week when we’ll be discussing how to style your signet rings with different outfits.