What does your summer hold, and how you can accessorise for it.

After a few months of rearranging (or let’s face it, cancelling) plans and adjusting to new schedules summer is here and things are beginning to open up a little more. The sun is shining (sometimes), and there is more opportunity to dress for the occasion, but what is your occasion? Are your kids in tow all summer in need of entertaining, are you keen to shield still, are you finally getting to meet your grandchild for the first time or desperate for sun, sand and sea in that air-bridge destination. Whatever your summer holds, we have some accessories that can dress you up, pack away lightly or gift meaningfully. 

The staycation.

staycation | summer edit

the staycation accessories

Camping is something that Brits enjoy and with the severe lack of festivals (sad face) this year dust off your tent and go get some well earned fresh air. Nothing beats a campfire, guitar, beer and marshmallow beneath the stars after a day of adventuring the British coastline or countryside. An effortless everyday necklace may be just the accessory to make you feel refreshed and presentable each day, or pair some of our hoop earrings with the beanie you pop on when the sun sets in front of your campfire. Get the blood circulating with our copper jewellery and keep it casual and coastline with our matte barrelled jewellery, inspired by the wash of the British coast.

The air-bridge getaway. 

the getaway | summer edit

getaway accessories

Greece, Spain, France, Bermuda and beyond... Get your masks ready and remember your hand sanitiser. For those of you travelling further afield this summer our aerospace grade stainless steel pieces are just the jewellery for you! Corrosion resistant and antimicrobial, aerospace grade stainless steel is used in the medical industry for their super clean characteristics. Another essential travel item is our AMT toolbox. Our clever little box made up of 7 pendants together with a gold and a silver chain allows you to build an array of 18 plus necklaces out of this gem of a product.

The exclusive wedding.

wedding | summer editPhoto: Rikesh Chauhan Photography: Alexa Penberthy.

the exclusive wedding accessories

A big heartfelt shout out to all of the happy couples who have had to postpone their big days. Some have moved them by a year others have been playing the waiting game. With last weeks announcement allowing weddings with up to thirty people, it is time to get your wedding game back on! As part of the exclusive bridal party your details will stand all the more, so think carefully and wear some jewellery or accessories with a story to tell.

The distanced dinner. 

dinner date | summer edit

the dinner date accessories

Pubs, restaurants and the hospitality world is beginning to open their doors to us. If you are unable to get away perhaps treat yourself to a distanced dinner somewhere. Whether to escape the kids, a long awaited date night or to enjoy some company, a social evening out somewhere is great medicine. Go a bit bolder with your jewellery adding visible effort to the occasion. Gold is very uplifting or try mixing your materials or stacking with our polished, blasted and matte men’s bracelets. Make your accessories’ as much of a statement as your outfit.

The garden party.

garden party | summer edit

garden party gift idea

There is undeniably a general consensus that family and friends are much more valued than at the start of this year. It is time to celebrate community, support, love, endurance and life. Mark these moments with meaningful gifts. The garden or the park has become a sanctuary for small but meaningful celebrations. Births, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and more are all happening on the grass. Garden furniture is out of stock until the autumn, gardens have been pruned to perfection and the gin and tonic’s or Prosecco in the park has never tasted so good! Celebrate in style with a beautiful heartfelt hand written card, some jewellery for the home, a piece of art or some meaningful jewellery.


Enjoy your summer, whatever it may hold. You can browse the full collection here and, as ever, follow us on Instagram @alicemadethis to learn more about the pieces and watch updates from Alice.